JAMAL ANTAR The rising star

Actor Jamal Antar @officialjamalantar

Styled by @lordsfools

Fashion provided by @ivanbittonstylehouse

Photography by @radioeight.uni

Editor: Aleix Maximus Bazzi ( @aleixbazzimd )

JAMAL ANTAR was born in the south of France to immigrant parents. He knew how to make a name for himself in his neighborhood where one had to be strong, smart, loyal, and a brawler. He wanted to change his neighborhood lifestyle because most of his friends died, or went to jail. He always had a passion for American Cinema. Courageously, he got on a flight to Los Angeles, California and the rest was history. He wanted to live the “American dream.” But for this he had to learn the English language, and manage on his own in a city that’s 12 times the size of Paris! His savings dwindled down day by day on rent, car, gasoline, insurance, gym, phone bill, etc. He couldn’t afford the apartment, so he started sleeping in his car, taking showers at the gym and doing several small jobs to make ends meet. After two and half years of sleeping in his car, he finally began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. He began playing in different television series and other actor projects. He played in the 2 new Star Wars episodes as an Alien Prisoner; in Seal Team as guest star Akm; and is currently one of the two main roles in the French Connection TV Series that just released on Apple TV.

He just signed with a management agency called Gat Management who loves his profile and with whom he does numerous auditions.

He has international projects offered to him, for example in August 2021 he will be filming an advertising campaign for Bellini Nautica who are the specialists of RIVA boats. Then go to Paris in September to play a huge TV Series called “Follow Me” as a boss of the Marseille Mafia that racketeers Parisian agents. Then he’ll return to LA in October to play in a project that we cannot discuss here.

Now, he lives the “American dream” with the same determination as he had on the first day he arrived to the States. But also he knows that it always takes hard work, respect, punctuality as the main attributes to long successful career in Hollywood.

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