Indonesian National Team seeks younger talent internationally by partnering with Albert Donald, Founder of AD Sports Group

Sports consultant Albert Donald III is working with the Indonesian National Team to seek younger talent and build its long-term success strategy internationally.

The Indonesian National Basketball Team is embarking on a long-term strategy to improve its performance on the international stage. It recently partnered with Houston-based sports consultant, Albert Donald III, founder of AD Sports Group, to seek younger talent internationally. The move is part of the team’s goal to build its grassroots development and become more competitive in time for the FIBA World Cup 2023.

Albert Donald currently sources global talent in collaboration with Orenda Talent Agency, based in Vancouver, Canada. The entrepreneur and basketball consultant works with teams around the world to help them achieve their long-term visions. He focuses on the process behind talent creation, offering expert plans to enable teams to build themselves from the ground up.

In his latest move, Albert is working closely with FarezaTamrella, the General Manager of the Indonesian National Basketball Team. Both men want to catapult it to international renown over the next few years. “We have great interest to be competitive on the global stage,” Tamrella says, “and Albert along with his partners have helped jumpstart our initiatives for years to come.”

Donald is assisting the Indonesia International Team through a variety of channels. AD Sports Group has access to a massive basketball network that allows him to source talent rapidly. It uses “a wide and rich network in sports as well as access to decision-makers in international sports associations, league clubs, agencies, brands, and other players.” This, says Donald, makes him the “right partner” for any teams looking to make waves in the sports industry.

Donald and the team at AD Sports Group and Orenda Talent Agency are passionate about finding top athletes for the Indonesian National Basketball Team. As they see it, there is no reason why a large country like Indonesia can’t have a basketball team representing it on the sport’s biggest stage. They are now building a strategy to capture young talent globally and funnel it into the team.

Donald now has more than seven years of expertise in international marketing and sports management. In that time, he’s built lasting corporate partnerships and a broad network of relationships across the basketball industry. As an international basketball consultant, he has managed as well as marketed for NBA and FIBA International athletes.

He is now using his skills to help the Indonesian National Basketball Team from his base in Houston. Together with his partners, he hopes to move the team to the top tier of international basketball in as little as two years.

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