Hot Money Studios Ltd – The East London music powerhouse not even a pandemic can slow down

Nowhere have the effects of the pandemic been felt so ruthlessly than across the music industry. Studios were forced to shut; live events were immediately cancelled, and artists roadmaps ripped up.

Artists have turned to streaming content and upping their social media presence to remain connected with an audience but the hardest challenge to overcome has been the barriers to collaboration and music creation.

One studio who has successfully pivoted their business model to help bridge the gap is East London’s Hot Money Studios Ltd, one of the most influential studios in the UK urban music scene.

With a client list that reads like a who’s who of urban UK music that includes household names such as Stormzy, Stefflon Don and Krept and Konan, Hot Money Studios years of experience in mentoring emerging artists, educating them in studio recording and working with them to realise their creative vision put the studio in the perfect position to navigate through the restrictions that the pandemic has placed on artists and creatives and offer the support to keep creativity flowing.

Keeping creativity flowing in a pandemic

Hot Money Studios Ltd have been providing zoom consultations to help locked down musicians set up home studios. As thousands of musicians look to find a home solution to keep creating, the world of home studios can be overwhelming, expensive and easy to get wrong.

With expert guidance from Hot Money Studios Ltd, artists are able to find the best solution for their budget that delivers the best results. Decades of technical and music production experience means there are few better resources than Hot Money Studios.

Hot Money Studios have also been mixing tracks for clients who have recorded music on their iPhones.

For Hot Money Studios Ltd, helping to keep their clients’ creativity flowing has been a priority throughout the pandemic and they have jumped at every possible avenue to ensure that their clients keep creating.

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