Helping people get a fresh start to their lives through his robust financial services company is Solomon Lacy

His company is a modern-take on changing people’s lives by earning them more profits and making them financially independent.

People always fear to talk about their financial decisions, perhaps because they have lacked confidence and courage to make the right decisions in life. Especially after retirement, many people are clueless about how to make an income or earn some profits making certain financial decisions. Experts and professionals are what individuals need to make them understand the value of credit scores and building the same. One such learned professional in the financial services industry, also one of the leading credit building gurus is Solomon Lacy III from Atlanta, the US.

Lacy is the man behind the financial success of many individuals and families, who has shown them the right path and has taken them towards their desired lives by scaling their businesses and making them financially independent. Lacy is a Flint, Michigan native and graduated from the Alabama State University. Football always attracted him and so in high school and college, he played like a professional. Growing up, he realized there was a lot to be done and achieve in the corporate world and thus, started his journey into the financial space.

Lacy joined Home Depot as a corporate recruiter and working in the company made him understand that his life’s purpose was much bigger than what he did; it is to help others and guide them in their journey to attain their American dream through financial freedom. Since scores always played a huge role in his life from the time of his football days, he initiated his firm called Fresh Start Financials Group. The company began its operations first as a boutique credit repair company and then with the passage of time, gained more popularity and became a growing financial services company.

To help people overcome all the challenges with credit and funding, Lacy and his company provide tools and the necessary steps to make them achieve what they desire. Lacy has earned degrees in business and political science, and a masters degree in clinical and mental health therapy, from the Alabama State. The knowledge he has gained as a therapist has helped Lacy understand people and their various decisions more, helping him to build stronger relations with all his clients.

While working at the Home Depot, Lacy learnt the significance of customer service. Later, he became a consultant in the PEO (professional employer organization) field, which made him focus on workers’ compensation and small business services. This experience made him expand his business network and he gained the confidence to come up with his company.

Due to credit barriers, all the individuals and credit owners who do not gain funding, Lacy’s Fresh Start Financials Group offer a range of services to people that can help them with repairing and strengthening the credit. Lacy has helped more than 1,000 families and helped clients attain over $25 million in funding. His company also helps people and business owners by facilitating investments in Amazon and Shopify stores and opportunities in real estate as well allowing them to earn passive income for the long term.

Guiding people on the right path and educating people to use the credit to their advantage, leading to flourishing results has made Solomon Lacy III, the successful entrepreneur he is today.

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