Google’s Bert Algorithm may affect the SEO Rankings of Websites

Earlier it was easy to trick Google by stuffing keywords. One could quickly increase the keyword density and rank higher in SEO and show up in Google Results. However, after the new update of the BERT algorithm, it is going to be hard to trick the Google search engine.

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It is a language processing algorithm, but it does not read from left to right, but reads two ways and tries to make the contextual sense of the word. By using this way, BERT can understand the nuances of a language better than the previous algorithms.

It is safe for websites for now who tried to trick Google BERT, since this is only applicable to searches as of present. However, after the update, it will be applicable to all sites. That means no more tricking the algorithm. Stuffing keywords won’t work anymore because BERT can know what’s going on. It will only show results that make sense.

Google will show results that are intent-based rather than SEO based. Any websites with low focus content will not rank higher anymore. So they would have to take help from a reputed digital marketing agency now, instead of trying tricks by their own selves. It will show results for the search that is relevant, specific, and helpful. Sites that used to show vague and stuffed content won’t rank higher anymore. They won’t show up on the first page of Google Search.

There is no way around fooling BERT, so one has to improve the content of the website to rank higher. Another way of improving website ranking is by increasing the speed of the website. One can do so by using AMPS, and it increases the speed of your website on mobiles.

Anyone who wants to rank higher in Google needs to revamp their website according to BERT by uploading relevant content.

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