Exploring new places allows individuals to learn about new cultures, interact with various types of people, and create unforgettable memories. People who go traveling tend to eliminate negative vibes and enjoy positivity in the surrounding. Plus, travelers have no time to focus on their worries, allowing them to gain peace of mind and enjoy life’s true colors. Life in this mortal world is temporary, and one shouldn’t waste their golden moment by sticking to a hectic routine. Therefore, one needs to manage time and visit new places frequently. Traveling to countries, sightseeing in different cities, and exploring new places bring happiness to one’s life. 

Traveling provides exposure to new cultures, places, norms, foods, people, and much more. Only a traveler can truly understand how it feels nice to learn about new things they have never experienced. It refreshes minds, releases stress, and enables people to see the beautiful secrets of the world. Every individual must experience such unique delights at least once in a blue moon. When it comes to traveling, one must not forget the city’s different attractions. There are numerous places to visit in a single city, and avoiding them can result in losing opportunities to add colorful moments to the traveling memory.

Sightseeing requires entry passes for every place one wants to visit, which might seem costly. But some companies offer great sightseeing experience that not just provide a memorable experience but also seems pocket-friendly. One such company is Go City, which provides sightseeing passes for the people who love to travel to different places and have lots of different experiences.

Sightseeing creates a lot of opportunities that one cannot count on fingers. But people with no experience feel reluctant to visit places they have never been before. In order to assist such people and reduce their fear and confusion, Go City brings an easy, amazing, and trustable sightseeing experience that allows people to explore new places without any hassle. The company offers a single digital pass that can be used in many of the experiences a big city has to offer.

Go City is a UK-based travel company founded in 1999. With the aim to offer a hassle-free traveling experience, the company provides sightseeing passes through which people can visit different places in the city.. Go City headquartered in London offers its sightseeing services in more than thirty world cities. The UK-based company’s teams are located in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

As technology has changed almost every sector, traveling should have no exemption from advanced innovations. Go City’s purpose is to ensure sightseeing in cities worldwide through e-tickets. The company has successfully moved from paper to mobile-based tickets, making traveling more advanced and hassle-free. The company offers an all-inclusive and explores passes to its clients to create a wonderful traveling experience for the users and ensure pocket-friendly sightseeing. The company’s single pass for sightseeing covers admission fees and hundreds of major attractions in over 30 cities of the world.

Initially, the company was known as Leisure Pass Group, which was founded in 1999 by Andrew Grahame and Angus Rankine. Then later, in July 2021, the company was renamed Go City.

The company has been providing a memorable sightseeing experience for travelers. In the period of more than two decades, the company has won several recognition and awards for its effective sightseeing pass services. In 2008, Go City gained 78th position in the Top 500 of Inc. 5000. Plus, the company also secured 1st position in Travel and Hospitality. Later in 2013, Go City was ranked #55 on The Sunday Times International Track 200. The company also gained the 75th position in The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 league in 2019. In 2020, the company secured 50th position on The Sunday Times Fast Track Top 250.

Go City is the first choice for travelers to enjoy an amazing sightseeing experience in major cities of the world. Some of the cities that the company provides passes for include Bangkok, Boston, Chicago, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, Dubai, Hong Kong, Gothenburg, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Orlando, Oahu, Philadelphia, Paris, San Antonia, Rome, San Francisco, San Diego, Stockholm, Singapore, Sydney, and Vienna.

The reason why travelers love to go traveling using Go City’s passes is that they can visit so many attractions in one place while making huge savings. People do not need to pay every time to enter different places. One pass is enough for various major attractions and experiences.


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