From 0 to 100K followers: How EA Home Design took their social media game to the next level

EA Home Design, a remodeling business based in Virginia has managed to grow its Instagram following from 0 to 100k through the power of social content.

With many years of expertise and having won several awards, the founders of EA Home Design set themselves a task to grow their online following to promote their business.

For many brands, social media provides a new opportunity for them to reach audiences that can buy their product, but not all have chosen to develop their social strategy. For EA Home Design, social media was an essential component of their marketing effort and so the two founders, Kevin and Ali, decided to give Instagram a try and see if they could build an audience.

Over several months, they worked hard to create high quality, and valuable content that would inspire and engage new potential clients through their Instagram channel. As they started to see traction, they tested and improved their game over time, and to-date have smashed past 100,000 followers – among the very few businesses in their space to do so.

So what are some of the strategies that enabled EA Home Design to get there? We can safely say that content is key, but it’s more than just about posting regularly. With so many businesses vying for attention, the two founders needed to come up with a unique way to demonstrate what they could do.


With every project they’ve completed, EA Home Design strategized the photography, both before and after to show the evolution of their work. This enabled them to give a showcase and reveal how they make transformations. This kind of storytelling allowed them to create an impact, growing their social engagement and in turn, drawing in new clients who loved what they had to offer.

In a recent interview, Ali Meshksar, co-founder of EA Home Design said that the purpose was to “demonstrate our passion for design,” which comes across in each post that they share, and brings authenticity to their brand.

For local businesses in interior design as well as major brands, social media is changing the relationship, and the opportunities are endless for those who get it right. In this example, EA Home Design are far ahead of their competitors, giving them an edge now and into the future.

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