Eric Keith: A Journey of Entertainment Excellence

Eric Keith, an accomplished figure in the world of entertainment, holds a diverse portfolio as an American producer, entrepreneur, entertainment executive, and former actor. With a career that has traversed various facets of the industry, Keith’s influence resonates deeply. Notably, he currently serves as the Chief Content Officer of SPACEMOB, a role that showcases his strategic vision and expertise. His contributions extend beyond the spotlight, encompassing both creative endeavors and executive leadership, making him a notable presence in the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment.

Eric Keith’s journey began in Olathe, Kansas, where he was born on October 4, 1973. Growing up within a close-knit family, he shared his formative years with his parents and brother. After graduating from Olathe South High School in 1992, Keith began an academic path that led him to Lincoln Christian University, where he earned his BA, and The University of Kansas. His early career was intertwined with his commitment to non-profit organizations, reflecting his passion for philanthropy. Keith’s interest for knowledge and professional growth led him to pursue studies in independent producing, film marketing, and distribution at UCLA, culminating in executive certificates from Harvard Business School and other esteemed institutions. This diverse educational foundation underpins his multifaceted career in the entertainment industry.

Eric Keith’s foray into the world of acting commenced on the stages of the Actors Theatre of Louisville, where he further polished his craft. His journey soon transitioned to the television, marked by notable roles across various cities, including Los Angeles, New Orleans, and New York. Keith’s acting credits feature a diverse range of appearances, most notably on renowned shows such as All My Children, Sex and the City, Providence, Six Feet Under, and ER. These experiences underscore his versatility as a performer and his contributions to the television landscape.

Steering his trajectory from acting, Eric Keith embraced a new creative avenue by delving into producing, writing, directing, and the business intricacies of film and television. His dedication led him to become a part of esteemed industry entities like the Producers Guild of America and the Television Academy, reflecting his motivation to furthering his skillset. As a Primetime Emmy Awards voter, Keith’s firm judgment became an integral part of the recognition process. His journey as a producer boasts an impressive tally of nearly 100 episodes of original television content, while his involvement in the creation of ten feature films, including works like Leave Yourself Alone, Jedi Junior High, and Parallel Love, signifies his versatility and influence within the cinematic landscape.

Eric Keith’s producing prowess is highlighted by a string of famous productions that spread across different genres and platforms. Leave Yourself Alone, a gripping psychological thriller, attracted audiences with its domestic release through Virgil Films. Jedi Junior High took a distinctive route, finding global recognition as it secured a worldwide Netflix deal through distribution by MarVista Entertainment. Meanwhile, Parallel Love not only secured a theatrical release via Abramorama but also garnered acclaim by winning multiple film festivals. Keith’s talents extended to the supernatural world as he assumed Executive Producer’s role of for Forget Me Not, a thriller starring Carly Schroeder, Cody Linley, Jillian Murray, and Bella Thorne. The docuseries Girl Unscripted, another significant endeavor under his belt, delved into the lives of struggling girls in Middle America, setting the stage for a forthcoming PBS National Broadcast.

Eric Keith’s contributions have earned him a respected place in the industry, as evident in his roles as a Judge for the Television Academy Honors and Daytime Emmys. His insights have further extended to his role as a Primetime Emmy Awards voter, displaying his influence in recognizing excellence within the field. His involvement in award-winning shows depict his capacity to identify and nurture compelling content. Beyond his affiliations, Keith’s career has been punctuated by a myriad of achievements and accolades, a testament to his dedication and innovation in the entertainment sphere.

Eric Keith’s personality is marked by a blend of creativity, determination, and empathy. His diverse background, ranging from acting to producing, speaks to his willingness to explore various facets of the entertainment world. An astute judge and voter for prestigious awards, he possesses a discerning eye for quality and originality. Beyond the industry, Keith’s commitment to supporting non-profit organizations showcase his compassionate nature and sense of responsibility. Eric Keith’s journey is a testimony to his diverse personality, characterized by innovation, compassion, and a drive to make meaningful contributions to the world around him.

Keith’s pivot into producing and entrepreneurship reflects his adaptability and vision, leaving a mark on the entertainment landscape. His commitment to philanthropy and non-profit organizations resonates as a thread that runs throughout his journey. With an influential presence in both television and film, Keith’s contributions underscore his innovative spirit and commitment to quality content. Through his journey, he embodies the fusion of creative expression and impactful change within the industry.

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