Elina Danilova and The Art of Living Life to The Fullest

Creative, compassionate and daring – that’s Elina Danilova, Los Angeles’ top rated professional life coach and wellness expert who’s on a mission to help others succeed in both their personal and professional lives. 

Starting out in LA wasn’t a walk in the park. From a rich cultural background, a fiery thirst for knowledge emerged. Elina moved from Moscow to school at the prestigious Asbury University in Kentucky where she studied Business Administration with a minor in Communications. During the course of her study, she pursued various activities that broadened her knowledge on the world of business.

But Elina wanted to do more. “Meeting 1-on-1 is my favorite. I love building that intimate connection, working through some life challenges together, being that accountability partner and help push for the next level or just simply assist by actively listening.”

Elina’s strong background in psychology stems from engaging with various stakeholders in the health sector for over a decade. She ventured into the mental wellness niche when she realized lifestyle and self-care gaps which were not getting much attention. Today, Elina has made it her life’s mission to empower as many people as possible about the importance of mental health through the power of social media. 

Her daily reminders and affirmations, advice, mini dance videos, intuitive painting are all laced with a combination of spoken and subtle forms of encouragement for all her followers. Elina directs her attention on helping her friends, clients and audience overcome adversity through defining and executing clear realistic goals, developing great time management skills and focusing on better self-care strategies.

“Those people who come in the most vulnerable state to see you, asking for help, they’re literally almost inviting you into their journey and you’re part of their journey. You’re there to help them feel better and what inspires me and makes me happy is when I see results…when I see a glimpse of a smile.”

Danilova’s ability to connect in a way that resonates with the pain of others is one major reason she’s highly sought-after in her field. Elina also works with entrepreneurs, top-level executives and managers by providing them with guidance on how to navigate their busy schedule and attain work-life balance while paying great attention to their mental health.

All these are full proof reasons why establishing the Elina Danilova Life Coaching program became an absolute must. Her website www.elinadanilova.com gives a clear perspective of what she has to offer; life is not just about existing and passing through the motions. It’s about living your best life now by unlocking a wealth of greatness in each person they never knew existed.

Elina says, “The reason why people fail is because they give up what they want most for what they want now.” Danilova’s life coaching experience combines the art of building resilience with a great need for accountability.

The life coach and wellness expert is also the founder of Elina Spray Tan; with a focus on clean beauty using purely organic ingredients. 

Her services can be reached through her social media pages:

Elina Danilova (YouTube)

elina.danilova (TikTok)

@elina.danilova7 (Instagram)

Elina Danilova (Pinterest)

Elina Danilova Life Coach (Facebook)

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