Coronavirus Italy: Lord Conrad Music is Helping Italian People Fight the Panic

Italian people are listening to Lord Conrad music in order to fight panic originated from the spread of coronavirus in Italy. Following the spread of the deadly virus, there is a state of fear and panic in Italy. And hence, the Italian people have been listening to his two new and popular music songs namely “Only You” and “Touch the Sky”. As per the latest data available, a total of 12 people have died and 374 people have been infected due to coronavirus.

However, Lord Conrad’s music is helping people to feel hopeful and it is offering them the courage to fight the panic situation arisen due to the spread of deadly coronavirus in Italy. Lord Conrad is a multi-talented Italian artist who is popular as a musician, DJ, model, dancer, and composer. His recent songs namely “Only You” and “Touch the Sky” have managed to fill people with a ray of hope.

Lord Conrad is receiving praise for his exceptional work in different genres of music and he is making a strong impact on the world with his music. His official music video “Touch the Sky” contains the elements of action, glamour, and exceptional music. In the music video, Lord Conrad is fighting a gang of four hot girls in order to save his kidnapped girlfriend.

And in the music video of “Only You”, Lord Conrad has given a strong message to vulnerable people to remain hopeful and effectively fight difficult situations in their lives. Both the music songs are instilling the fighting spirit in people and they are helping them to fight the panic situation originated in Italy out of coronavirus damage.

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