Building a Solid Digital Brand You Can Be Proud of with Aanchal Vash of Vash Media Inc

We’ve entered an era where one’s digital presence is as significant as their physical presence — if not more. As the world continues to be reshaped by technology, it has become essential to understand the needs of modernity and adapt to them. Brands that do not exist in the digital realm are as good as obsolete. But it is not easy to maintain an online identity solely with consistency, especially when there is so much competition. 

Aanchal Vash makes it easier for entrepreneurs and leaders to stay relevant and impactful in a growing online market with the help of her company Vash Media Inc.

Aanchal is a two-time Amazon bestselling author, professional speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur. Her career started in Public Affairs at CitiBank, where she was selected for the Citi University Vacation Program in 2011. The program inspired Aanchal to help start-up entrepreneurs build strong digital brands. With over a decade of experience with Vash Media Inc., she continues to help leaders and industry experts establish a business identity they feel proud of! 

Vash Media Inc. empowers its clients by helping them manage their web presence with content creation and campaigns to grow their visibility. Learning from the challenges in her personal life, Aanchal resolved to explore personal development despite frequent hurdles. Her persona reflects in her business as she aspires to help others succeed regardless of the challenges. She proudly shares what brings her joy from things as simple as having the menu she helped curate for a restaurant or watching a logo or banner she helped design for a thriving business trigger massive success.

In addition to that, Aanchal is also the Executive Director of a Canadian not-for-profit, Reach Out Together Foundation, which provides mental health resources and training to students, young professionals, parents, and corporate leaders. As a professional self-help speaker, she inspires audiences worldwide with a clear guide for wellbeing and success.

The celebrated entrepreneur and influencer, Aanchal combines multiple skills and far-reaching experience in facilitating her clients to be seen online in the most effective ways. Her latest book, ‘Ongoing Success and Wellbeing: A Daily Guide to Cultivate Fulfillment in the Pursuit of Achievement,’ manages to inspire and educate simultaneously. Released in June 2022, the book was an instant #1 best-seller in four categories, helping individuals learn the art and craft of maintaining the real-life balance between success and mental and emotional health.  

Aanchal ventured into the world of digital marketing while studying at Sheridan College and University of Toronto in 2011; she offered solutions for a company’s digital needs as part of her assignment. The case study led to a job requiring her to execute her ideas and propelled her into a career in helping people succeed via their web presence. Today, she has managed to scale Vash Media Inc to new heights of success through her hard work and unwavering commitment to helping others. 

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