Benigna Parfums: The Perfect Gender-Neutral Fragrance Taking Over

Perfumes have flooded the luxury market for decades, many of which revolve around tradition, and cater mostly to female consumers. A new competitor in the fragrance industry is skyrocketing to the top, gracing the vanities of the world’s most discerning clientele; they go by Benigna Parfums. Benigna Parfums is a gender-neutral fragrance company that serves unique scents for men and women. Breaking down the social agenda that men shouldn’t wear elegant perfumes is something of the past; thanks to the CEO of Benigna, she is changing that stereotype around one bottle at a time.

Benigna Parfums embraces the power of oneness yet tells a unique story on every skin. The three unique scents result in exquisite and exceptional formulations using only the most superior quality and rarest ingredients. Those rare ingredients include Bulgarian Rose, Ambergris, Musk, Oud, and Orris. Each blend that Beningna offers is made to make one smell unforgettable; knowing that each spray tells a story, you can go about your day defining your means of confidence and what makes you resilient.

Like how a fine wine is aged, perfecting an extraordinary perfume is quite the same in the macro. Many Benigna Perfumes are aged about 2-5 years to bring out that scent that stands out amongst most fragrances. Without this intricate process involved, you would be able to distinctively tell the difference between a mass-produced bottle and a bottle that took years of time and dedication.

Benigna’s bottles are made from crystal material and cut precisely into the shape of a Diamond, creating a stunning appearance that beautifully reflects the Benigna logo when natural light strikes it at the right angle. The diamond shape symbolizes purity, perfection, harmony, creativity, and strength, which are the pillars of Benigna Parfums’ core values.

To see more of Benigna Parfums, be sure to check out their Instagram @benignaparfums, which displays the product, its elegance, and those who use it on a day-to-day basis. To shop, be sure to visit    

Author: The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

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