ARTBYMRNICE on Leveraging Art to Raise Awareness About Global Issues and Phenomena

Social consciousness is a hefty component of modern brands and businesses. Scores of customers want to purchase from organizations with values that align with their own, and ARTBYMRNICE takes pride in creating pieces that benefit charity organizations.

Sonny Henty, aka Mr. NiCE, was born in London and has a gallery on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. He has come a long way in a short period of time with his bold pop culture multimedia creations. Much of his work focuses on iconic images that address global issues or convey a strong message. Some of his pieces are meant to be nostalgic and capture a moment in time. Yet all of the ARTBYMRNICE makes a definite statement.

This company is only five years old, but it has made a significant impact. Mr. NiCE can list several A-list celebrities among his customers. Equally noteworthy customers are organizations such as the San Diego Humane Society, Shelter to Soldier, the Tiger Woods Foundation, and F**k Cancer. This remarkable artist has more than vision; he is on a mission to support those who are making a big difference in people’s lives.

Another issue Mr. NiCE is passionate about affects the entire world: global warming. He raises awareness for this critical concern through custom pieces, hoping to get more people to push for change on this matter. Mr. NiCE feels this is a subtle tactic to inform people against the peril of a hot-button issue that no one can escape from. It is an effective strategy, delivering a meaningful message through art, and this modern artist has proven himself to be very good at executing that strategy.

If there is one thing art has always been able to do, it is to speak out. Mr. NiCE is past the point of speaking as his work is nothing less than a visual bullhorn. The good news is, people are listening, and important conversations are getting started.

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