Armand Peri – Unparalleled Success Book Review

When I first met Armand Peri, I was going through difficult times in my life and lacked focus and ambition. I had a rough childhood and grew up in poverty. I had a large negative view of the world and blamed everything on my parents for the situation I was in. Little did I know at the time that Armand Peri would become my mentor and someone that would change my life forever. His book Unparalleled Success was one of the most powerful pieces of writing that I had ever come across and continues to sit on my bookshelf today. I still refer to it from time to time and learn new things every time I pick it up.

Armand Peri opened up my eyes to see the opportunities available all around me. Growing up I thought that if I was born into a poor family that I would remain poor for the rest of my life. After reading Unparalleled Success, I realize that I had full control over my future and that success would be achievable if I sought it out.

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The rules of Unparalleled Success are simple yet so effective. Armand outlines everything as follows:

1. Importance of Goal Setting

Before I read Unparalleled Success and before I met Armand, I never really set any goals in my life. I had ideas floating around in my head but never concrete ever materialized. After watching how Armand operates, I realized I had to write my goals down and keep them somewhere I could see on a daily basis. I followed his procedure to break my goals down step by step and held myself accountable for everything I had to do. Watching him set goals in action also changed my life in that I had goals that were too small because I just couldn’t fathom achieving so much success. He unlocked my true potential into opening my eyes into what one can truly accomplish through goal setting and believing in oneself.

2. Commitment and Dedication

Commitment and dedication to oneself and one’s goals was another important aspect I learned from the book. I was never truly committed or dedicated to my goals before I had read the book. I would dabble in things here or there but would give up when the journey got tough. Armand made me realize that there are obstacles along the way and that it is more important to learn from your failures than it is to learn from your successes. His chapter on commitment and dedication truly changed my life in that now whenever I set my goals I hold myself accountable to be committed and dedicated to achieving them. It is not only for achieving my goals but it is also for staying true to myself and being realistic in what I can accomplish and what I cannot.

3. Healthy Relationships

The chapter on healthy relationships truly hit home with me. I’ve always struggled to have a good relationship with my parents because they always viewed me as a failure while I blamed them for putting me in a poor environment. I grew up in poverty and I spent many years blaming my parents for that. It was important for me to take a step back and forgive them and to forgive myself. I could not unlock my true potential without forgiving everyone around me. By developing healthy relationships I was able to mentally move forward and accomplish the goals I wanted to accomplish and become the person I truly wanted to be.

4. Inner Peace

Inner Peace was one of my favorite chapters in the book and one of the most important elements I was missing in my own life. Armand stresses the importance of inner peace and striving to be happy with oneself. If you do not love yourself, nobody else will and you will only be holding yourself back from true success. Armand details many different methods to achieving inner peace, all of which I found to be quite useful. Inner peace can be achieved through meditation, reevaluation of one’s circumstances and focusing on the things that truly matter in life while letting go of other things. Without inner peace, it is very difficult for one to achieve one’s true potential. Armand proved this to me as I’ve seen him remain calm through many stressful and difficult situations. He is a master of navigating through obstacles and finding solutions the complex and intricate problems while remaining calm and thinking through things rationally.

5. Control of One’s Life

One really needs to take control of their lives before they can achieve unparalleled success. The book is excellent in providing examples on how to take back control. It opened my eyes and made me realize that many people are living their lives to please others, such as their parents. Many people do not have control of their own life because they are in debt or they are trying to please other people or they are simply trying to prove themselves to their friends or society. I was able to take back control over my life by paying off my debts and focusing on goals I wanted to accomplish. Before I read the book, I was distracted by too much negativity and too much pessimism from family members and friends. Armand showed me that he went through many negative experiences in his life because many people did not have to vision that he had, which is why he was able to build a successful empire. If you have the same vision as other people then you are simply following the herd and you will lack control of your life. By breaking free and regaining control, you can truly decide which path you want your life to lead down.

6. Confidence

A lack of confidence was a major player in preventing me from becoming the person I wanted to become. I was not happy with the way I looked. However the book taught me true happiness and how to come to peace with myself. True confidence came from within and using the details outlined in Unparalleled Success, I was able to develop the confidence I needed to succeed. I had a makeover, initially it was not dramatic but overtime I was able to develop into a more confident individual. I followed the steps in the book to make little changes here and there. Overtime it turned into major changes as I was able to approach business meetings in more confident manner and view myself as a more confident individual.

7. Mental and Emotional Health

The chapter on Mental and Emotional Health truly made me reevaluate my current situation. I was not emotionally well as I was constantly stressed out and dealt with anxiety and depression. The chapter was like a wake-up call for me to seek professional help. Once I was able to do so, it truly turned my life around.

8. Physical Well-Being

I was never into the gym but this made me focus on developing myself into a better individual. Working out consistently gave me more confidence and helped me think clearer. It also provided the structure I needed in my life to achieve the goals I set out to achieve. Armand outlines many different types of workout programs in his book and I truly believe that there is a program for anyone. I have no desire to become the next professional bodybuilder but I was able to learn the importance on how to build my physique and look better than most people my age.

9. Nutrition

Armand was a professional bodybuilder and understood the importance of good nutrition. Many people eat whatever they want whenever they want, including myself before I read the book, and it causes many health problems. In order to achieve success, one needs to be healthy as well to have a clear mind and strong body. The importance of good nutrition is stressed heavily in the book and I agree that a foundation for success starts with good nutrients. The wrong diet can lead to lethargy and will slow one down from achieving their goals. After reading the book I’ve reevaluated my diet and made many significant changes.

Overall Unparalleled Success will change your life. It has already changed mine and I have people asking me for advice on what they can do to change theirs. I’ve referred this book to many people and have received positive feedback from other readers as well. Armand Peri is truly a pioneer and an innovator and has provided me with some of the most important pieces of information to help me transform my life. I believe that his work can help change the lives of others as well as long as they are willing to put in the time and effort. It is not an easy process. It took me months to reevaluate and redevelop myself as an individual and as a business person. But it is something I believe anybody else can do and with the help of Unparalleled Success, I truly believe anybody else can be successful.

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