Anmol Singh and Live Traders Are Helping People Achieve Financial Freedom Through Trading and Investments

Financial freedom takes on many different meanings: it could mean having a six-digit amount in the bank or having enough savings for an emergency. Whatever it looks like, achieving financial freedom remains the ultimate goal in life. But for many people, that’s one goal that’s always just out of reach. Trading Psychology expert and Live Trader co-founder, Anmol Singh, believes that a clear path toward financial freedom is through mastering trading. 

The Internet has made it easier for this generation to open an account and start trading online. However, beginners tend to make costly mistakes in their trading, a bitter truth that Anmol Singh also experienced when he began his trading journey. 

Anmol found trading interest and began trading during his early college years. But just like any rookie with no experience and no mentor, his beginnings as a trader did not go as smoothly as planned. But Anmol was not one to give up so easily. He studied and worked hard until he discovered a pattern that allowed him to go from zero to a profitable trader.

Following his success, Anmol decided to share his knowledge with other aspiring traders as well. In 2015, together with Jared Wesley, Anmol decided to put up It is a trading education firm that helps aspiring traders grow their businesses and achieve their dreams of becoming the best trader they can be. 

Unlike other trading education firms, shows its clients and students the reality of trading. The firm offers various strategies and techniques that will suit the majority of aspiring traders. educates on intra-day trading, swing trading, core trading, and even options trading as well.

Their team preps every student to see the realities of what may happen during actual trading. Anmol shares that dedication, education, and persistence led to the formulation of their courses that aim to transform every learner into a profitable trader.’s teaching methods and ways made them the number 1 trading education firm for three years in a row. 

Aside from co-founding and teaching at, Anmol is also the leading expert in trading psychology. Now a highly paid consultant in trading and investing, he has helped thousands of traders all over the world. He teaches them how to deal with psychological and behavioral issues that arise when high stakes are on the line.  

Furthermore, he brings a unique view on success applicable not only in making million-dollar trades but also in the day-to-day lives of clients. He has incorporated his expertise in the field by authoring a book called “Prepping For Success: 10 Keys for Making It in Life.”

Anmol currently remains an avid stock market and forex trader. His typical day is spent working with students of He even goes as far as to finance those who need it most. Aside from teaching, he also gets involved with other entrepreneurial ventures and franchise stores. All these are in addition to maintaining his real estate portfolio.

To know more about Anmol Singh and, you may visit their website. You can also follow Anmol on his Facebook page.   

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