5 Trendiest Real Estate Guest Post Topics To Pitch In 2021

Real estate blogs have become very popular nowadays. More people started to know more about the housing market’s current state, so bloggers choose to write about it. It also attracted plenty of content creators to submit guest post pitches to established real estate websites with high authority and wide readership. 

Because real estate is considered a dynamic market, there are plenty of things to talk about in this niche. If you want to stand out against all the other guest post hopefuls, you need to submit a pitch that talks about the real estate market’s latest trends. Here are some of the hottest topics you may explore if you want to submit a guest post pitch and get the website editors’ approval.

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#1: Home And Moving Related Topics

Some of the most common queries about real estate involve anything related to home improvements and moving. Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to make their homes look good and organized. 

Some of the ideal topics to talk about when pitching guest posts for real estate include the latest self-storage options, how to move large appliances in small spaces, or a list of home improvements to do before moving in. These topics can attract thousands of readers every month. 

#2: Local Attractions

Another popular real estate blog idea is discussing the local destinations and attractions near the real estate market. By finding out what to look forward to in the neighborhood, prospective home buyers will be encouraged to check out the area. 

The most used keywords for these topics include “lakes in (location),” “where to shop in (city),” and “restaurants near (neighborhood),” among others. These topics are often visited by those who are seriously considering investing in a property in an area.  

#3: Local Holiday Guides 

Like the local attractions, most prospective property buyers are also interested in finding out the holidays and activities in the area where they want to invest. It is the reason why host blogs would consider accepting pitches that discuss an area’s local events. 

To help narrow down your choices, you may discuss the traditions that often occur during Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other annual events. You may also talk about the unique events that the town or city hosts, which are not common in other places. These events are usually seasonal, which means you have to think about the proper timing of your pitch about these topics. You may check out https://natvisor.com/real-estate-guest-post.html to learn more about proper pitch timing and where to submit the pitch. 

#4: Location Comparison

To help convince buyers to leave their comfort zone and begin a new life in a completely different place, real estate brokers would present a detailed comparison between the two places to their clients. It is the reason why most real estate blogs love to present a comparison post on their sites. 

You can discuss the distance between the two cities, the differences in the weather, the unique traits of both cities, and what the buyers would gain if they choose one between the two locations. You may also consider comparing multiple cities within a state. 

#5: Useful Local Information

Everyone wants to know more about the area where they live or plan to live in. It is why host sites would appreciate it if you submit a pitch discussing new facts about a place that would be valuable to all the readers. 

Some of the topics that you may talk about include the rules and regulations of the area and the people they can turn to for help regarding different problems. You may also discuss the town’s garbage collection hours and the post office schedule to add more knowledge about the place. 

These are some of the trendiest real estate topics you may talk about when making a guest post pitch. You only need to create a compelling pitch to make the blog host editor approve your topic suggestion for a guest post. 

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