You Won’t Want to Miss This: Digital Creator Stephanie Joplin’s Podcast “The Luxury Dropout” To Drop in the Coming Weeks

Hailing from Houston, Texas, digital content creator Stephanie Joplin shows out with both wisdom and entertainment as the host of her own lifestyle enrichment podcast titled, “The Luxury Dropout”, which is set to drop in just a few weeks. On the podcast, you will hear fascinating interviews with experts, celebrities, influencers, and Joplin’s vibrant group of friends. With expertise in self-care, dating and relationships, and overall health, Joplin brings her diverse background and experiences with her to provide a cultivating experience for listeners.

Her unique upbringing gives her an edge in the industry, as Joplin spent 14 years at an all-girls private school and later graduated from UNLV, still considering Las Vegas as her second home. From there, she went on to work in the corporate hospitality industry for nearly 15 years, as well as many years spent as a sports journalist in her spare time.

Like for many during the pandemic, 2020 was a year of reflection and growth for Joplin. In the fall of last year, she decided to fully dedicate herself into the digital space, now managing content creation and social media for select small businesses in Houston, as well as her own brand.

Joplin got her start in the social media space early on, getting involved with MySpace at its inception and being an early adopter of Twitter. She states that she was immediately drawn to the micro-blogging platform, and became obsessive about creating content that people would find entertaining. Joplin soon started tweeting about sports, and her followers eventually convinced her to start a sports blog where she went on to cover Houston area sports and Legacy Fighting Championship, now known as Legacy Fighting Alliance.

Despite still being full-time in the corporate world, Joplin continued to pursue her dreams in the digital space and shifted her focus to a lifestyle YouTube channel, covering topics from both beauty and sports. Through this, she really honed in on her interests and continued to build her expertise in these areas.

All of this leads up to April 2021, when the idea for “The Luxury Dropout” podcast materialized. Joplin wrote out a business plan, gave the show a name, and began to work on exactly what she wanted to put out into the world. She states:

“I have learned SO MUCH from my guests thus far; it has enriched my world beyond measure.”

There are currently 15 episodes of the podcast in production, which will be available on YouTube and all audio streaming platforms in the coming weeks. You can hear more from Joplin and her latest projects at her Instagram, and be sure to check out “The Luxury Dropout” podcast once it drops– you won’t want to miss out on Joplin’s insights and vibrant conversations with guests.

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