Visa requirements for Colombians who are planning to visit Europe

Reports reveal that European authorities are thinking of implementing the ETIAS (Electronic Travel Information and Authorisation System) visa waiver program in the year 2022. This program will be available to Colombian citizens along with several other visitors from 60 different counties of the world.

This ETIAS visa waiver is going to be an entry permit document to the Schengen Area – a specific zone of Europe that comprise 26 countries, which include 22 EU countries and 4 EFTA (European Free Trade Association) member states.

If you’re a citizen of Colombia, planning to travel to Europe, you have to register with ETIAS in order to reach the most attractive tourist spots of the world like Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Germany and Iceland.

Will the citizens of Colombia need a visa to visit the Schengen Area?

If you take into account the current situation, Colombian citizens who have their passports ready, are permitted to visit all the Schengen area member countries without having to apply for a visa. This was an agreement that was signed in the year 2015 and this is still in effect. However, this is applicable to visitors who visit Europe for a short span of time which is a maximum of 90 days. Now you only need to show your passport on entering the Schengen Zone.

However, the visa requirements for Colombian citizens is all set to change after 2022 due to the introduction of ETIAS.

As per new rules, post 2022, the ETIAS will be put into effect. The ETIAS will cost you €7 and you can download it online. Once you have your ETIAS in place, you can travel with permission for a maximum of 3 years for several short trips of 90 days each. Nevertheless, one thing you need to check is whether or not the country you plan to travel to is one among the 26 countries of the Schengen zone.

ETIAS is not a visa but rather a digital travel permit that gives the authority to European officials to screen and check passengers before they arrive inside Europe. This new system has been brought into effect with an aim of enhancing border security and integrity of the 26-country bloc.

If you think registering with ETIAS is going to be a tough and time-taking process, you’re wrong. It is rather an extremely convenient and quick method as compared to applying for a visa. You can download the easy application form online and fill it out. This clearly implies the fact that the citizens of Colombia can easily register for an ETIAS from the comfort of their couch.

Will the citizens of Colombia be eligible for applying for an ETIAS visa waiver?

Yes, Colombia is one of the 60 countries that stand eligible for applying for an ETIAS visa waiver. Once the citizens of Colombia register with ETIAS, the nationals of this country can enjoy a visa-free entry to all the 26 nations that constitute the Schengen zone.

With the help of the ETIAS visa waiver program, tourists and travelers from Colombia will be permitted multiple entries and be granted a stay of a maximum of 90 days within a period of 180 days. They may enter the European border as per their wish but they should not spend more than 90 days in the Schengen area within a frame of 180 days.

In case the Colombian applicant is denied a visa waiver, he will get an email explaining the reason behind this. The mail will also include information of what needs to be done to re-appeal the decision. In case of an appeal against the nation from which the applicant tried to enter from, things will be decided in accordance with the country’s laws.

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