Virtual escape rooms setting trends online as families and coworkers team up around the world

Since the pandemic, online gaming has been booming and with people stuck at home, virtual escape rooms have become a fun way for people to connect with a challenge.

Escape Experience, a traditional brick-and-mortar business with two locations in Tennessee had to make a dramatic shift to online gaming after tourists and local visitors could no longer go to its venues. As an entertainment business like many others, it had to close its doors and was looking for a way to innovate while still providing its escape room experiences to people.

Seeing the growth in online gaming, Escape Experience pivoted its business model towards virtual escape room activities, and has seen rapid growth since the shift, with a majority of virtual customers playing from California and west coast states.

The company now offers escape rooms with fun challenges for families, friends and coworkers in the corporate space – giving people an interactive, and collaborative way to team up while be physically apart or in self-isolation.

Among some of the popular virtual experiences are a bunker quest where participants have to stop a nuclear missile from being launched and being trapped inside a runaway train where players have to find a way to escape before it derails. In each case, players have a time limit to solve the problem and to get to safety – providing a fun challenge and a lot of humor with exciting plot twists as well as unexpected surprises for all involved.

The company is also offering virtual team-building experiences to bring together remote workers in an online environment. This allows groups to collaborate around the world and has been popular with businesses that want to help their global staff do a positive and fun activity while getting to know each other. With many businesses encouraging their staff to work remotely, virtual gaming experiences has helped to create that ‘water cooler’ environment for people that want to connect.

To learn more about Escape Experience, visit its website, and discover their latest escape room games.

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