Thai Artist Tsunari Continues to Grow After Name Change

Coming onto the Thai hip-hop scene in a big way, Tsunari has been making a wave in the community since her first release. Changing her name from “Sunaree” to the current “Tsunari”, she is creating new beginnings for herself, and is already beginning to flourish. Creating her first singles at Hot Money Studios in London, her tracks are hitting the ground running, complete with professional sound, and in the case of her track “Mula”, professionally produced music videos.

People are definitely beginning to notice Tsunari’s talents, as “Mula” has made its way onto the Spotify-curated playlist New Era: Asian Hip-Hop. In addition, her “Mula” music video has done well over 100,000 views in just the first week. Tsunari has no plans to slow down, with new music projects already being in the works with plans to “drop really soon”.

Tsunari takes advantage of her diverse background in her music, being half Thai and half Trinidaddian, and having lived in multiple different countries. Her experiences drive her music, using it as a platform to share her stories and inspire other young people who share in her experiences. Her next music project calls back to her Thai roots in hopes to positively impact the young Thai community, especially young Thai women.

You can find Tsunari on Instagram here:

You can listen to Tsunari’s music here:

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