Trials and Tribulations Have Set Hip Hop Artist GG Loafy on a Unique Path

Coming from Ypsilanti, Michigan, Loafy faced endless amounts of tough times as he, his brothers, and his mother moved through heartache to get to where they are now. Both he and his mother moved heavily in the streets, which, of course, brought hard times for the family. With having friends and allies one day to having them turn into enemies the next, Loafy had to navigate through countless issues to get to where he is now. Being in and out of the system as a juvenile has allowed him to find the path he’s destined for, and it is a blessing for both him and his family.

As for him and his music, he has an album done – it just needs the finishing touches. With the constant stream of problems, he has had to overcome in life, Loafy now focuses on just staying alive and making sure people hear him, his music, and his message. He hopes people understand that we all aren’t that different from each other: we all share the same story, just at different times and places. He puts his own life and the stories that come along with it into each song he makes. Though he has been knocked down a lot, he continues to pursue music and grow as an artist. With life pushing him in challenging directions, he only strives for bigger and better things hoping that life will no longer tear him down as it has in the past.

You can find GG Loafy and all of his recent releases on Spotify here.

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