Through his Black and White Photography, Majed Veysel is Reflecting his Love for Architecture

Majed Veysel, a modern era architect, designer, and photographer is posting black and white photography of architectures on his Instagram page. Passionate about architecture and photography since his childhood days, the Aleppo, Syria based artist has pursued architecture as his career. And he is expressing his ideas and experiences through his photography.

Majed Veysel works in order to serve humanity and he captures basic human emotions in all his photographs. According to him, he believes in creating something unique based on his experience of life and tells a story through his photography.

Born in Aleppo, Syria on 15 January 1995, Majed Veysel developed an interest in drawing when he was three. He used to visit exhibitions and museums which really inspired him to become creative in architecture and photography. 

Majed Veysel completed his bachelor studies “Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi” as an Architect in Istanbul from 2013-17, and he is pursuing his Master Of Architecture For Sustainable Design from Italy’s oldest technical university, Politecnico di Torino.

Since the year 2013, Majed Veysel is uploading creative and artistic stuff on his Instagram profile. The photography and architecture expert shares only black and white photos with a contrast between light and shadows. He believes that black and white photography helps to express the essence of the scene clearly.

Majed Veysel takes his inspiration from Pablo Picasso for he painted his most popular picture in black and white. From 2017, the architect, photographer, and designer started gaining popularity on Instagram and he has crossed 100k followers on this popular platform as of writing this article.

Due to his consistency in posting interesting content on different social media platforms, Majed Veysel has generated a positive response. And his following on social media platforms is rising continuously at an international level.

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