First Time Parents are Taking the Help of One Proud Toddler to Potty Train their Child

First-time parents may read every book available on parenthood and take every precaution and still fail at training their child. One Proud Toddler is a program that helps parents potty train their kids. It is a surprise that before the 1960s, 90% of the kids were potty trained before they turned 18 months old.

But now the numbers are staggering. Only 40% and 60% of the 3-year-old kids are potty trained in the country. This shows how much parents struggle at potty training their kids.

That’s why One Proud Toddler set out with an aim in mind. They wanted to potty train kids before it was too late. Click here to visit the site and check out what all you can learn if you are also a first time parent. Here are some of the tips they use. One Proud Toddler also offers blog posts and many guides to parents on potty training.

One Proud Toddler found that many kids in other countries were potty trained before the age of 2. That wasn’t the case in North America. That’s why they searched methods and carefully picked the best ones out to share with parents who needed it.

Their first principle is the earlier is always, the better. The period between 20 to 30 months is the golden window. It is the perfect time to teach a child how and when to potty. Their second principle is the parents must take charge. Seeing that the parent is an adult, they should train their kid where and when to do the potty, not the other way round.

Consistency is the third principle. Parents should continue the practice of their kid until the kid gets it right. If you are having trouble with your kid, then you can read their comprehensive guide called The Potty Proud Approach, which helps your kid potty train in three days.

One Proud Toddler is a program that has helped many parents potty train their kids. Their blog posts and guides are beneficial and effective.

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