The Intrinsic Relationship Between Creativity and Innovation for Artists as Per Marlon Arisu Holden

Innovation is strategic, calculated, and formulaic. Creativity is a more imaginative process that cannot rely upon any set formulas. While the two are very different concepts, their end goal remains the same – to come up with new ideas. At the core, they are both disruptors. One artist who leverages the power of both to create million-dollar works of art is Marlon Arisu Holden, a fine art photographer.

Among his many endeavors is Marlon Holden Fine Art LLC – a downtown Laguna Beach-based Fine Art Gallery. Displayed here is Holden’s way of welcoming viewers into every mesmerizing moment he’s lived.

Creativity enhances Holden’s innovative, adventurous side. To an artist, he says, creativity means coming up with new ideas that inspire brilliance. Innovation is keeping that brilliance going. Creativity comes in brainwaves and lightning moments. Innovation is strategizing – the business side of things. While set strategies and timelines may not be the right fodder for creativity, they keep the trains running.

A self-taught fine art photographer, Marlon Holden didn’t undergo formal training. And yet, his art reigns supreme. His prowess is in no way the product of luck. Forever free-spirited, the very fiber of his work is being a wild soul who goes by the ear in many areas of his life. And yet, to break the rules, the clever ones like Holden will tell you, getting well-acquainted with them comes first.

But, Holden says, above everything else, innovation is mainstream, while creativity is born from realism. At the moment when you are true to yourself and throwing set frameworks out the window, you are blessed with one good moment.

Climbing mountains is formulaic – everyone can do it. Reaching the top and seeing the view from your own perspective is creativity. Being able to capture it is talent. When all three come together, a miracle moment is born.

What Marlon Holden is trying to tell you is this: you can let your creative side take over and burn the town down with it. But what should come first is what lies behind the secret to Holden’s success itself: keep it real.

Author – Digital Nod

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