The Divorce Rate Is Dropping. But That May Not Be Good News

Divorces are now becoming less common today and there are not good reasons behind it. Many experts believe that the declining divorce rate doesn’t mean people are living their married lives in a happy manner.

Millennials are now choosing to continue their marriages despite facing many ordeals in their married lives. Moreover, they are now marrying late as compared to the previous generations because they lay their focus on self-care and achieving their financial goals to fulfill their dreams.

Co-habitation Before Marriage

One of the reasons for the divorce rate to go down is the cohabitation of young people. Youngsters are now cohabitating during their college time and it is making them acknowledge the positives and negatives of their opposite partners. So, they are choosing to either break up or getting married with a clear mindset.

It is reducing the divorce rate in many parts of the world including the US and Canada. Youngsters are now choosing their life partners after great deliberation and it is allowing them to make the right choice of a partner for marriage.

According to the US Census data, the average age of getting married in the US is now shifting for both men and women. And they are preferring to engage in cohabitation before getting married to someone.

Financial Insecurity

Financial insecurity is a major reason why married couples prefer to live together in a relationship of marriage. People tend to move together in a house and they simply find ways to end their loneliness. Marriage offers survivor benefits by ensuring social security and it also offers emotional support to people.

Only Privileged People are Getting Married 

People who are taking a decision to tie a knot are staying married and it is leading to a decline in the divorce rate. But only a small share of people are getting married. Poor, less educated, and financially insecure people are not ending up getting married.

So, it is not that a decline in divorce rate is associated with a happy marriage. It is just that only privileged people are making a decision to get married. Marriages are now leading to inequality between two people due to which they are not choosing to get married.

Complicated Divorce Laws 

The divorce laws in the USA and Canada are not very simple to understand and divorce procedures are governed by state laws rather than federal government laws. Due to this, people are now opting for divorce lawyers to seek effective guidance related to family laws.

One can easily safeguard one’s rights if a spouse goes bankrupt during divorce by consulting divorce lawyers. Experts say that people are experiencing extreme financial stress due to inequality in their marriage.

It is presenting many challenges for them as they find it difficult to seek legal help or obtain alimony. So, even though people are continuing their marriages, they are not doing so out of romance. Hence, the divorce rate is not declining because of good reasons as many marriage complications are behind it.

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