What ‘Mushie’ Is Doing to Provide Mothers Everywhere With the Best Baby Products

There are so many things in life that we have no control over – thankfully, providing our babies with the safest possible baby products is something that we can control.

All babies deserve the best, unfortunately, many of the products available on the market today are hazardous to the health and well-being of our children.

Young children and babies are far more vulnerable to the harmful chemicals and pollutants in baby products, and yet this knowledge is not generally reflected in the products marketed towards our children.

Searching for products that are safe, high quality and aesthetically pleasing can be challenging and time-consuming and, quite often, disappointing. This was the experience Mushie Feigenson had whilst searching for baby products and what led her to do something about it:

“Since I was on forced bed rest with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, I was able to spend long hours searching out the highest quality products, calling up international suppliers and even convincing them to bring their products to the U.S.”

Eco-Conscious and Built to Last

Frustrated by the lack of safe and beautiful products on the market, and realizing that she wasn’t the only frustrated and fed-up mother out there, Feigenson decided that the best thing to do would be to build her own company — Mushie was born.

After spending so much time designing and creating the perfect nursery, she had a good idea of all that was required and of the cost involved. “I spent a lot of time following mommy bloggers on Instagram and searching for the perfect baby products. Levi and I found it difficult to find aesthetically pleasing, practical, and safe baby products and so we decided to start our own company and fill the need.”

Both Feigenson and her husband Levi came from big families and so they have a good understanding of children and their needs. Added to this, Feigenson worked for seven years as an elementary school teacher. This gave them a superb starting point when they founded the company in 2018.

The dedication and hard work paid off, and within just two years, the company has achieved triple-digit growth in revenue. Feigenson saw a niche that needed to be filled and took advantage of it, providing mothers the world over with affordable and safe baby products that are built to last.

Simple and Sustainable

Mushie’s products were designed to be simple and sustainable, but also timelessly elegant.

“I wanted to provide the best for our baby without sacrificing safety or design. So we sought out sustainable and eco-conscious materials and created products with a modern, minimalist design which are pleasing to both moms and babies alike.”

One of the things which sets Mushie’s products apart from other baby products is their emphasis on design. Throughout their range of products, they focus on the spare and clean lines of Nordic design, thanks to their design team, which are based in Houston as well as Scandinavia.

Feigenson and Levi started the company with just $1,500 and since then it has grown in leaps and bounds. However, despite this massive spike in growth, what matters most to Feigenson is that they never compromise on the values which started the company in the first place.

“We will continue to grow and expand into as many places as we can, but we will not compromise on product quality and safety. It is, after all, what started this company in the beginning!”

A Real, Lasting Impact

According to Statista, the baby care product industry is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Currently, Mushie products are sold in over 500 boutique stores in the United States, providing mothers with healthy and beautiful baby products for their little ones.

The company has great product design and social media marketing, which has helped it to reach a social media presence of over 700 000 followers. Because of this, Feigenson can keep a finger on the pulse of all that is trending in the world of Instagram moms around the globe and keep in touch with the moms who have helped to make the company what it is today.

Mushie runs on the belief that both mothers and children deserve the best products they can provide, and this is what has made this company a success. Built around providing safe and aesthetically pleasing products provides the company with an authentic foundation.

Every parent wants the best for their children, and thanks to Feigenson and Mushie, finding modern and affordable products is much easier. These products have a lasting impact on moms and babies alike, which makes for a happier and healthier environment in the long run.

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