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Meet Zenix Universe: 22-year-old Artist and Brand Specialist




Zenix Universe is a young 22-year-old artist and brand specialist from Bronx, New York. Along with his music career, Zenix has founded his very own agency called ZBJ Agency that has worked with multiple big brands including the likes of Disney, Vice, Red-Bull, and many more. He has a reputation for taking brands from $0 to $100k in revenue in just under 6 months through his company’s expertise.

As far as his music goes, Zenix is a natural talent. Many say his music reminds them of a blend of trap, vaporwave, and trance music. His sound is very unique, it’s one before it’s time and very underappreciated. Zenix’s music is heavily influenced by Houston’s chopped & screwed culture and famous artists like Travis Scott, MF Doom, and Young Thug.

On Soundcloud alone, Zenix has over 700,000 plays and counting. With his recent releases of his singles “Bruce Wayne” and “Likk” starting to push the creative’s music career to the next level.

Whether it be with his music or with his business, ZBJ Agency, Zenix Universe is poised to go above and beyond. Keep up with him, links below.

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Soundcloud –

Spotify –

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