Meet Artist Gregory Allen Page—the Last of the Impressionists

In a world where the future is heavily discussed and greatly anticipated, it is also crucial to note the importance of the past. As much what’s to come remains in question, history remains redolent as many enjoy the languor of reminiscing the past. An artist whose craft is wildly evocative of a lost Impressionist era is Gregory Allen Page.

With resemblances to the late titans of the Impressionist period like Renoir, Monet, and Manet, Page brings new life to the meaning of the era. Once regarded as “Van Goh-esque with a pulse,” the style and technique of his works pay subtle homage to the late 19th century. But thanks to his scientific understanding of light and color, the artist elevates the idea of the Impressionist era.

Between the extensive brushwork and rich use of color, Page’s work proves his exceptional ability to project movement onto a still body of work. Through a litany of paintings that includes a vast collection of scenes like a moment from the Tour de France to a herd of giraffes running wild through an African plain to a pair of majestic sailboats briskly pushing through the surf, Page manages to capture the concept of movement realism. Despite the medium of a static painting, Page somehow breathes life into the brush, illuminating each piece with vibrancy and sheer energy.

Page himself advises, “Oil painting is not photography,” he says. “The soul of the painter is in the freedom of his hand and the brush.”

Another modernizing feature of his body of work is Page’s diversity. In his collection, he covers everything from landscapes to architecture to live sports still life and a vast compilation of scenes from varying countries. With a coherent sense of impressionism combined with bold modernity that comes charged with tangible energy, Page simultaneously redefines and transcends the meaning of Impressionism.

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