Greece’s youngest digital millionaire businessman Damian Prosalendis on being extraordinarily successful with an ordinary idea

Greek born and Dubai based entrepreneur Damian Prosalendis was not born with exceptional wealth or talents. In fact, he’s survived some pretty dire times where he slept in a roach infested dorm on a mattress salvaged from the trash as a broke university student.

Despite or perhaps because of this, Prosalendis became the CEO of a million dollar business by the time he turned 20. He did this by offering copywriting services on, the world’s largest service marketplace, to sellers on Amazon. His product listings were so effective that his company became the #1 highest ranked Amazon service and had serviced over 10,000 clients in 116 countries by the time he exited the business in 2018.

At 24, Prosalendis now has a business empire that encompasses Badass Talent, a talent management agency, Studio Badass, a luxury lifestyle focussed production studio, Anax Publishing, a digital media company specializing in personal development publications and ProsaMedia, a business development marketing agency. His impressive investment portfolio covers international real estate and Forex investments. He managed to scale his investment earnings from $100 a day to over $10,000 a day without much effort – a stark contrast from how he made his first million.

On top of this, Prosalendis has written books and coaches others on how to gain financial freedom. while imparting his business philosophy. “If you examine how the richest people got rich, alive or dead, you will quickly discover that they did so by doing something quite ordinary such as real estate, commerce or services,” he states. “You don’t need a unique product innovation or groundbreaking idea. That’s a big misconception. I made my first $1,000,000 by selling services online on Fiverr. Anyone can do it. You simply find a skill, develop it, and monetize it. It’s simple.”

The Forbes featured entrepreneur further argues that a truly savvy businessman can succeed in any industry, because the fundamentals of business building exceed in importance the uniqueness of a business idea. However, the crucial difference is putting whatever idea you have into effect: “Business ideas mean nothing without execution. Plenty of people have ideas and plans, but very few have put those plans in motion and turned their ideas into something concrete, Ideas are worthless. Execution is priceless.”

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