Charles Glar, Offers a Helping Hand to Small Businesses to Rebuild their Brand, through his Artificial Intelligence Firm, CYBUR

CYBUR, an Artificial Intelligence firm, is offering a helping hand to small businesses affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Its CEO, Charles Glar, has come up with an excellent plan to help small businesses in rebuilding themselves using the power of AI.

Due to the pandemic, many challenges have sprouted in the business world that has made it difficult for businesses to sustain in the market. From the start of March to the end of July 2020, over 80,000 small businesses have shut their operations in various parts of the US.

A tense atmosphere is created in the minds of the US entrepreneurs as it has now become difficult for them to run their businesses successfully. According to a recent study by the US Chamber of Commerce, around 58% of small business owners are worried about the uncertain business situation in the US due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Offers Helping Hand for Small Businesses

During this challenging time, many reputed firms have come forth to help small businesses rebuild their brand image. CYBUR is one such firm that is offering a helping hand for small businesses to flourish in the business market. CEO Charles Glar is using Artificial Intelligence technology and his experts to help small business owners affected due to the global health crisis.

Free of Charge Web Services for Businesses

CYBUR CEO, Charles Glar is offering CYBUR’s premium web services to recession affected small businesses for a lifetime. For this, small business owners need to sign-up from December 7th, 2020 for the offer of the AI firm, CYBUR.

CYBUR, an AI-based web design firm is known for offering expert web services such as designing, marketing, shipping, and e-commerce. The firm makes use of AI and human experts to craft a brand new customized website for any business in just 60 seconds. It enjoys the trust of over 10,000 companies at a global level.

Now, when the entire world is witnessing the worst global economic slowdown, CEO Charles Glar wants to help small businesses to get up for establishing themselves again. Small business owners who take free web hosting will also get marketing as well as promotions services of CYBUR.

Using the Power of AI to Rejuvenate the US Business World

CEO Charles Glar has decided to use the power of the evolving AI technologies to rejuvenate the small business in the US. Now, the recession affected small businesses will be able to access a plethora of innovative services from CYBUR without charging any amount of money. Web design, AI and human support, marketing features by CYBUR will be available to small businesses in the US.

In addition to this, free marketing materials will be provided to small businesses to build their brand in the market. Through his initiative, CYBUR CEO Charles Glar wants to help the pandemic stricken small businesses in the US. He believes that small businesses are pillars of the US economy and it is important to offer them support to help the US economy recover from the recession at a fast speed.

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