California Pro Financial CEO Diamond Singson Expands Reach to Five Major States

Newport Beach, CACalifornia Pro Financial, a mortgage brokerage firm founded in 2021, is expanding its operations to New York, Nevada, Texas, Hawaii, and Oregon. The firm’s considerable growth attests to its effective methodologies in tackling the present-day challenges of the real estate market.  

The firm attributes its expansion to its professional and empathic approach to client interactions as well as its expansive network of financial and depository institutions and top realtors throughout the United States.

Addressing the current market situation, California Pro Financial CEO Diamond Singson said, “It’s definitely not collapsing. It’s simply in a moment of correction, but the implementation of our expansion strategy is well-timed since more people are seeking assistance with their mortgages and we want to be there for them. In growing a business, it’s all about good planning and right timing; in this case, we did both, and so far, things are going exactly as we designed.” 

As the ongoing real estate market is characterized by extraordinarily high mortgage rates and declining property values, many prospective homeowners and investors are caught in the grips of uncertainty and its associated stresses. These prospective clients in the current economy require more assurance in order to make long-term financial commitments. California Pro Financial has noted that taking a competent yet sensitive approach to their consultations is far more effective in winning their clients’ trust. The company believes that listening to clients’ goals and concerns is invaluable to helping their brokers determine what their clients are looking for and what commitments they would be comfortable with making. The clients’ responses to such pertinent questions also provide brokers with nonverbal cues that help them to determine what options the client will be most receptive to.  Once clients begin to trust their mortgage brokers, they are more likely to finalize important financial agreements.  

California Pro Financial has also noted the impenetrability of mortgage processes for many clients. Since clients do not typically have an in-depth understanding of mortgaging or similar financial services, they often struggle to understand the details of the financial plans proposed by their mortgage brokers. While specialized terminology might indicate to clients that their mortgage brokers are well-versed in the mortgaging field, this is not the same thing as trusting that their mortgage broker has their best interests in mind. In fact, clients who do not have specialized financial knowledge are easily left suspecting that their mortgage brokers are using obfuscating language to reach agreements that do not favor their interests. Thus, California Pro Financial emphasizes the importance of clarifying such matters to the best of the broker’s ability.  

Of course, California Pro Financial would not have experienced their considerable growth and expansion if the firm were simply listening to clients and providing agreeable solutions to their difficulties. The reason why California Pro Financial’s ideal solutions are practicable is because the firm has an expansive network of financial and depository institutions. Thus, the firm is not only able to foster trust in their broker-client relations, it is often able to provide mortgage rates that clients consider far preferable to those offered by other mortgage brokerage firms. California Pro Financial’s enviable network may be considered an additional boon of the company’s focus on connecting with clients as well as with other individuals in the field.  

California Pro Financial is a mortgage brokerage firm founded in 2021 by Diamond Singson. The firm specializes in providing Conventional, Commercial, Foreign National, FHA, VA, Jumbo, Bank Statement, and DCSR as well as Down Payment Assistance, Private Money Loans and Refinance. California Pro Financial is currently expanding into five other major states so that operations will now be conducted in New York, Nevada, Texas, Hawaii, and Oregon as well as California, where its headquarters remain in Newport Beach. The firm expects to thereby expand employment opportunities and their network of financial and depository institutions.  

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