Angie Manson: Empowering Others to Overcome Addiction to Live their Dreams and Purpose

Did you know that 90% of people battling addiction started taking drugs and alcohol before age 18? And over 21% of Americans have had an addiction at some point in their lives, but only around 10% of them seek any kind of treatment. The rest get into vicious cycles of school dropouts, crimes, violence, and wasted life. In most situations, these addicts lack consistent and loving people, or institutions to provide the support they desperately need. However, some addicts are lucky enough to find people who have gone through drug addiction and recovery challenges, and offer guidance on how to overcome these kinds of obstacles. And such is what Elevate Addiction Services offers, thanks to Angie Manson.

Angie Manson is the epitome of resilience in fighting to rebuild her life against all odds. She is the CEO of Elevate Addiction Services, which is committed to helping people through their addiction recovery journey. The best thing about this organization is that Angie understands the struggles of being an addict for years, desiring to recover and failing but trying again, until finally managing a full recovery.

At the tender age of 11 years, Angie was exposed to alcohol and drugs. This was attributed to growing up in the 24-hour town of Reno, Nevada, which allowed easy access to drugs and alcohol. The family intervened on Angie’s 16th birthday, landing her in jail, followed by her first experience in a treatment center. Instead of getting sober, she learned to manipulate the system, and at 18 years, she had no one to bail her out, resulting in criminal behavior and addiction, which led to a 10-year prison term.

While in this term, Angie found a compassionate judge who put her in treatment, and after a couple of months, she started working and giving back. It was rewarding for the first time to give back to others, and it is here that she found her true purpose. After completing the program, she continued to work in rehab to get sober, and give back to society.  After completing 3-year probation and working full-time, the same Judge erased all her criminal records and gave her a completely clean slate to start a new life.

She affirms, “I have found my true passion and purpose, which is to help others who are struggling with addiction, and I am beyond grateful to be put on the path to live my true calling.” She continues, “I believe in doing the work every day to be successful, as this is how you continue to reap the rewards.  My grandparents are my biggest inspiration as they always believed in me, and my Mom, who taught me through tough love.”

Angie’s diligence, love, and commitment to see a full recovery in those battling addiction has seen Elevate Addiction Services win awards for having high success rates for her clients. Her belief in a holistic approach to addiction treatment has seen her open the CrossFit licensed gym in the rehab centers to increase the recovery speed. Her clients take joy in the fact that they’re pushed to do their best without pressure and are allowed to make steady progress at their own pace in a supportive environment.

If you are struggling with addiction and looking for an support to get sober and live a clean life, then Elevate Addiction Services is the place to be. You’ll find love, empathy, and a personalized approach to treatment. No pressure, but progress at your own pace. To contact Elevate Addiction Services, click here.

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