5 Reasons to Build a Home Gym

Statistics show that Americans spend more than $35 billion per year on gym memberships. Have you ever or do you currently have a gym membership? What do you enjoy about going to the gym? Where could there be improvements to your current workout routine? It is no secret that exercise is an important part of overall health. Keep reading to learn more about the reasons you should build a home gym.


What if you could wake up, walk downstairs, and start your workout? It may sound too good to be true but it is possible with a home gym. Instead of venturing out into the summer heat, you can stay in your air-conditioned home for your workout and save gas money while doing it. Running a few miles on a treadmill while listening to your own music or watching your TV could be a much more enjoyable alternative to the outdoor conditions as well. 

No Crowds

Have you ever waited in line to use a specific machine at the gym? Did someone take the kettlebell you wanted to use for your workout? Are all of the bikes full?

A huge benefit of having a home gym is that only you and family or friends will be using it. You don’t have to worry about someone using the machine you wanted or standing around until there’s an open bike. This allows you to get your workout in without the waiting that is involved in a large gym. While you may not have the same community feel that you would get there, there are many other ways to build community while still working out from home. 


Which machines do you avoid or rarely use? Which machines are your favorite? Do you primarily lift with dumbbells or kettlebells?

Another benefit of having a home gym is that you are in control of the design. If you never plan to ride an indoor bike, there’s no need to buy one for your home gym. If all of your workouts involve kettlebells or dumbbells, you don’t have to spend money on a bench set. Installing a foam floor, mirrors, a sound system, and any other accessories that you need for your gym can be made possible by looking into personal loans. Try a company like Opportun, whose premise is that they help people build their credit with affordable loans. So whether you’re looking for loans in San Antonio, Miami, or Anaheim, you should be able to easily apply. Think of your home gym as an investment. It can help raise the value of your home, save you money long-term, and help you build toward a healthier lifestyle. 

Time Flexibility

A big reason people lack exercise is the claim that they don’t have enough time to go to the gym. If this is you, a home gym is the perfect solution. Whether it is how you start your day or how you end it, the lack of commute will make it easier to schedule within your day. You can also break up your workouts to fit your schedule. For example, you may have only 20 minutes to workout in the morning but can get another 40 minutes in at night. If you were going to a gym, you’d be less tempted to make two trips in the same day. The lack of drive time can allow more time for you to actually be working out as well

No Membership Fees

The costs associated with gyms are a factor in how and why people choose to join. There are typically monthly and yearly membership fees. Some gyms are open for 24 hours, while others are not. The benefit of having a home gym is that you don’t pay any fees. Your initial equipment purchases and potential remodel work will be the only cost you incur for the project. This could save you money in the long-term, especially if you weren’t fully utilizing your previous membership.

Now that you have read more about the reasons to build a home gym, you can start planning for one today. The process of building the new gym could be the boost you’ve been looking for in your workout routine. Inviting friends over to workout can give you the sense of community without fighting over who gets to use the bench press next. Doing research on new and used fitness equipment, as well as different home gym designs is a great place to start. 

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