Women in America Embrace Comfortable Fashions Amid The Pandemic

The fashion industry has noticed a shift in women’s trends since the start of the pandemic. With lockdowns and restrictions in daily activities, the need to get dressed up has taken a back seat. Career women who once needed to wear fashions that complied with corporate dress codes are now working from home. With activities like going to the bar, hanging out with friends, attending PTO meetings, plays, and sporting events canceled, dressing to impress is less of a requirement. 

Ultimately, the changes to everyday life have altered how women think about fashion. For most women, life during the pandemic has become nothing but remote work, taking care of their children, and running necessary errands. Therefore, they embrace fashions that accommodate their new lifestyles and prefer stylish, comfortable, and practical things. Here’s a look at some of the fashion trends women are embracing nationwide. 


When you’re not going out of the house, there’s no need to put on a full outfit, some people don’t even get out of their sheets until after their second Zoom call of the day. Lots of women have started purchasing sleepwear for that very reason. A cute t-shirt and shorts or long-sleeve shirt and pants with a matching pair of slippers is all you need when you’re home with the kids. Sleepwear fashion has come so far that there are sets you can purchase that don’t look like pajamas at all. You could be on a conference call with a client, and they’ll never know that your top is part of a PJ set.


Whether you’re staying inside or you plan on running a few errands, a pair of fashionable leggings do the trick. Leggings have become so popular that you can find them in any color, print, or style. Pair them with an oversized t-shirt or a knit top, some cute combat boots or sneakers, and a jacket, and you’re ready for a trip to a grocery store, pharmacy, or office supply store to grab necessities. 

Comfy Flats

When you’re trying to keep up with active children or simply making a few stops, high heels are the last thing you want to wear. Not wanting to compromise style for comfort, lots of women have ditched the pumps and opted for flats. You can find flat shoes for women ranging from ballet slippers to riding boots that add personality to any outfit. 

Loose-Fitting Pants

Women have traded in squeezing their hips and thighs into skinny jeans and tight pants for easy-breezy, comfortable bottoms. Slipping into some nice wide-leg jeans, sweat pants, or free-flowing bottoms is so freeing, you’ll never want to go back to skinny jeans again. These trendy loose-fitting pants look great with a novelty t-shirt, knit top, hoodie, kimono, or cardigan for a quick wardrobe you can wear anywhere. 

Novelty T-Shirts

There’s nothing more casual than a novelty t-shirt. However, the pandemic and current events have taken novelty products to the next level. Whether she wants to express her support for a civil rights group or she wants to rock something that adds a little humor to her hectic life, a woman can find a novelty t-shirt to say exactly what she’s feeling. They can be worn with leggings, skinny jeans, sweat pants, loose-fitting pants, shorts, and skirts, making them perfect for any occasion. 


Wearing hats in the workplace may have been frowned upon, but they’re the perfect accessory for busy women during a pandemic. When all you have time to do is throw your hair in a ponytail or bun, a sporty hat that matches your outfit can make all the difference. They add character to your outfit while covering up your frizzy, graying, or bland hairstyle. 

The pandemic has resulted in people staying indoors and avoiding many activities and events they’re used to attending. Consequently, these changes caused a shift in fashion trends. Today’s woman is looking for affordable, stylish, comfortable attire that accommodates their sense of fashion and their busy lifestyles. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the nation, chances are these fashion trends won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

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