Wendell Miracle Is Harnessing the Power of Belief and Social Media To Incite Positive Change

When you’re a social media influencer, there is a huge mold that you must fill, be it through entertainment or educational purposes, popularity, and capturing an audience are of utmost importance. However, one social media influencer stands above the rest, outside of the common goals of attaining monetary gain and social status through social media. Wendell Miracle is using his platform to help people from all around the world regain hope and motivation. Wendell is a man of many meaningful disciplines. He inspires people as a happiness coach, motivational speaker, author, and social media influencer.

Born in the Philippines and grew up in Bergenfield, New Jersey, Wendell currently resides in San Diego, California, where he continues to cook up some inspiration for his audience to impart as their own. After losing his mother in a battle against breast cancer in 2012, Wendell Miracle nearly went bankrupt and fell into a deep depression. It took a lot of time for him to recover from his loss and rediscover the joy in ordinary life.

As soon as he recovered and picked himself back up after his traumatic experience, he started anew and founded the Hope Nuggets movement to inspire others to find their own happiness through generosity and God. It is a movement that brings hope to the hopeless and gives them the practical life advice that they need in order to get back on track.

Life is too short; being happy is a decision that one must make every single day. Wendell understands this and helps his audience to understand it as well. Wendell managed to overcome his depression and accomplish his dreams, and he’s here to help others do the same.

Wendell’s recent book debut entitled “Have a Magical Day: 7 Keys in Living Happy Every Day” keeps the consistency of Hope Nuggets’ mission. With his book, Wendell was able to spread his message of healing, hope, and self-fulfillment. With the 7 keys that he has pointed out within the pages, people from all over the world can finally achieve a healthier and happier life by following Wendell’s instructions. “Have a Magical Day” is a great read and is extremely easy to follow, it is an essential read for those that have lost their way and are looking to get back on track with their lives.

Hailed as one of the best new authors in 2020, Wendell has pushed the boundaries of social media influencing, veering away from the self-absorbed nature of the medium he has utilized it in a way that reaches an audience and inspires rather than entertains. Despite a society that values the notions of being self-absorbed, Wendell Miracle’s book is a modern miracle that teaches everyone to be kind, to believe in God, and always look for the positive aspects in life.

Wendell Miracle is giving hope to those around him and to places out of his immediate reach. Through social media and his recently published book, Wendell has given the world one of the most valuable things someone could ever have: Hope.

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