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Style and fashion typically comes with controversy. While some embrace the fashion, some embrace the style and others do not differentiate. One person who has great enthusiasm for the cultural vision of style, image and fashion especially if it involves around dressing is style guru, Gwei Noel Yengong, popularly known by the stage name Manlikeclix.

Noel caught our attention through his unique styles of outfit and how he stands out from every style guru and today we had the pleasure to meet him for a quick interview on “How to Find Your Style” and some more interesting Style tips:

Team: Hello Good day Manlikeclix

Manlikeclix: Good day its a pleasure.

Team: As an image consultant, What is the difference between fashion and Style?

Manlikeclix: In my own words, Fashion is Global, Style is personal and unique. Lol, When it comes to style you decide for yourself but the world determines fashion, e.g buying latest shoes will be fashion meanwhile staying with some vintage shoes will be a style.

Team: How would you describe your style?

Manlikeclix: My style is the classic with a vintage touch and when I add the Afro fabrics to it, it is called Fusion Elegance.

Team: How do you Find your Style ?

Manlikeclix : Firstly Personal style is a personal feeling and how a person wants to present themselves to the world at large. So the first things first, how do you feel? Secondly who do you want to represent? What’s your personality? Usually there are about 5 styles that are the most popular: classics (vintage), elegance, casual, street style, fusion style.

Next thing will be to choose from that catalog of styles and see what you relate with better and how you want to be addressed because definitely you have to dress the way you want to be addressed. It is important to know your body type to understand how your clothes will look on you. Imagine a fat guy in a skinny trouser and a skinny t-shirt.

To summarise this, choose who you wanna be and how you want to be addressed. Go through the catalogue of style and try them all and you will discover what you feel comfortable in, also depending on your body type.

Team: Thank you so much for your tips and it was a pleasure to have you.

Manlikeclix: Im most grateful to appear on such a big news paper.

For more about manlikeclix visit his instagram:

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