Kyle Washington – Using Penmanship to Describe People and Empty Relationships

Relationships play a significant role in people’s lives because they influence beliefs, values, perceptions, and opinions. Relationships are also necessary for enabling people to belong to a particular social group. Social affiliations and relationships with others help people understand and learn how to behave and interact in different settings and environments. Relationships also offer a primary support network to overcome challenges and recover from life’s setbacks. However, due to toxicity and other issues, relationships may also threaten many people’s emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Many relationships are emotionally and mentally draining for people because others manipulate or exploit them while depriving them of their self-reliance, independence, and autonomy. Toxic and unhealthy social associations involve relationships where people feel trapped and unhappy due to the unbecoming behavior and actions of other individuals.

Partnerships and social belongingness are essential for people to live long and healthy lives as they provide emotional consolation and comfort. Some social ties, such as families, are crucial for developing views and beliefs because families and friends educate people on how to behave and act properly. People learn values and norms via encounters with diverse groups and individuals in their social settings and environments. On the other hand, abusive or toxic relationships can ruin people’s lives if their counterparts become bossy and controlling. Some partners and relatives are overbearing and detrimental to a person’s talents. Some parents’ overbearing and dictatorial behaviors inhibit their children and family members from maturing appropriately and functioning freely without the assistance and support of others.

Excessive parental control and interference undermine children’s social and emotional well-being, and they cannot function adequately without their parents until they reach adulthood. For instance, an overprotective mother who controls her children’s decisions, even into maturity, may appear helpful and kind. However, she hinders the children from evolving as productive people and active members of society. Kyle Washington’s work The Empty Calories is about how a deceptive and exploitative relationship affects family members. In The Empty Calories novel, he shows how a supposedly accomplished and prominent American senator dominates her family to the extent that they cannot thrive without her help.

Kyle Washington hails from Houston, Texas, and is the youngest in a family of five siblings. He was an executive for a Fortune 500 firm while raising his children independently as a single father. Kyle Washington is an enthusiastic writer that enjoys creating exciting stories that captivate readers with engaging characters and plots. Washington’s distinct prose style enables him to create engaging stories that leave readers wanting more after finishing each page. His book teaches readers how to recognize empty relationships and their negative impact on people’s self-confidence, freedom, and social engagement. He enjoys traveling and meeting new people to hear their tales about life, relationships, and experiences. His interest in other people’s tales and experiences motivated him to create the story of Empty Calories. 

Washington’s novel Empty Calories depicts how a mother’s dominant and authoritarian nature wrecks her family and pushes the other members to the edge of despair. The narrative follows the Peak family, who experience significant difficulty and adversity in navigating social events and circumstances owing to their over-dependence on Ellie Peak. Ellie is a powerful politician and senator from the United States who presents herself as a career-driven and conscientious lady. Washington demonstrates that everything that seems perfect may be quite the opposite since Ellie is an intrusive and exploitative mother who dominates all areas of her husband and children. She supervises every aspect of the family and stops the other members from having control of their own lives. When Ellie dies, leaving the father and children to operate independently in a complex world, the family faces severe hardships and social difficulties.

Washington uses the empty calories metaphor in his book to highlight toxic relationships that only offer the delusion of fulfillment but create challenges for people. The Empty Calories novel is excellent because it involves all ingredients of a captivating novel, including drama, violence, love, lust, power, exploitation, and lies. Kyle Washington implies that such relationships are like empty calories that only satiate hunger rather than providing beneficial nutrients or resources to a person. He uses his unique penmanship to dissect meaningless relationships that harm people rather than offering valuable support. Washington’s novel is a testament to people who exploit others to satisfy their egotistic desires rather than providing developmental opportunities for emancipation and self-reliance. Readers can understand how empty calories or relationships can adversely affect people and prevent them from actualizing their potential.

Empty Calories is a must-read novel! 

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