Kash-Wayne Campbell Wants to be More Than Just a Real Estate Broker

From being born in Jamaica, and moving to the United States at the age of 5 years old, Kash-Wayne Campbell’s life has incorporated nothing but change. At the age of 16, Kash-Wayne’s business career began in the entertainment industry. Kash found himself promoting concerts and events at local clubs in New York. By the age of 22, Kash-Wayne became known as one of the biggest promoters in the Long Island area. But all along Kash knew this wasn’t the life he sought after.

After looking to his now mentor and best friend Reese Kenchen for some career advice, Kash-Wayne learned of his dream career, Real Estate. Kash said, “Once I got into the Real Estate courses it was like a dream come true. I discovered knowledge I was never given as a child; it changed my life. Once I got started in Real Estate within 2 years I hit the six-figure mark.”

Despite being successful in the field of Real Estate, having a team of over 150 brokers that surpass 500 transactions yearly, Kash-Wayne doesn’t want to stop there. Kash desires more. He wants to use his knowledge and position to give back and help others that may be in the position Kash once was in.

Kash wants to become a Real Estate Coach/Mentor for individuals just like Reese Kenchen was for him and become an inspirational/motivational speaker, inspiring others around the world. Kash said, “I love motivating others. There is just something special about taking someone from seeing no hope in their lives to seeing unlimited potential.” In everything he does, Kash-Wayne Campbell wants to inspire and help others.

For more information on Kash-Wayne Campbell you can head to his website: www.kashwaynecampbell.com

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