Innate skills and unflinching vision have helped Manjeet Singh Sangha, aka Desirichkid become a sought-after dropshipping entrepreneur and consultant

Desirichkid’s ‘Dropshipping University’ has helped people earn 5-6 figures monthly and this exudes the passion and perseverance with which he has worked so far.

When today people speak and discuss about the gen-next and millennial entrepreneurs and the success they have drawn for themselves across business industries, the world doesn’t take it by surprise, because most of us know the talent and dexterity with which youngsters have been working around their goals. All those industries that were once thought to be running only by established names are now being taken over by young business personalities owing to their high confidence and self-belief that they can achieve anything. Even in an industry like dropshipping, which is quite competitive, youngsters are not shying away from entering the same and are vying to make it huge in the industry like a professional. Manjeet Singh Sangha, aka Desirichkid, tops the list here of youngsters, who through his hard work and never say die attitude keeps on moving the ladder of success.

Desirichkid’s parents hailed from India, but he was born in a small city near Berlin, Germany. Since his childhood, the idea of doing something on his own was something that clung to him and he started to prep around the same with the intention to start early in life and become financially free. This is the reason he started out at only 13 years and began with selling jewelry. His first business made him saw the many lows of his life, not giving him much success. But, more than losing hope, this youngster believed that he must pull up his socks and get ready to do something bigger and better. The dropshipping world attracted him and he started working around the same by testing new products and selling them. Each day was a learning experience for him and later, he got slower but overwhelming results which made his belief stronger in the business.

What began with a simple dropshipping store was later turned into a full-fledged business for Desirichkid with running over 6 online stores controlling huge e-commerce brands. Today, with his business, he is earning great numbers and is right now aiming to earn even 7-figures profit a month.

Deriving inspiration from already successful people, Desirichkid even originated his consulting business and started ‘Dropshipping University’, which helps and guides all those who wish to make it big in the online dropshipping world. He not only helps people get started but also develops their business and helps them in getting evolved into the industry. So far, his success rate breathes a massive 5-6 figures dropshipping business for his clients, apart from earning over 2,500 clients globally.

To live a comfortable life even in the future and secure it financially, Desirichkid dived into real estate as an investor and has been working towards creating a colossal portfolio of commercial and residential properties. In his own words, “The greatest luxury is having the freedom”, where he explains that with his laptop and wifi he can work from anywhere in the world and create as much wealth as he wants.

Go follow him now on Instagram @desirichkid to gain some more inspiration.

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