From London’s West End to Hollywood’s Hottest Rides: The Adam Swaby Story

The demand for global travel has increased by an impressive 3.2% annually since 2000.  

And it was the luxury ground transportation industry that capitalized on the opportunity—making traveling not just convenient but also enjoyable for all.

In this thriving landscape, one entrepreneur has been elevating the way people experience special events. 

Meet Adam Swaby, the visionary founder, and CEO of Party Bus Group. His journey from London’s West End to California led to the birth of SoCal’s top-rated party bus rental and event limousine services in 2012. 

In his early 20s, he had a brief stint working in London’s vibrant nightclub scene. That’s when he discovered his passion for a hospitality-driven career. Later, while attending California State University, Long Beach, Swaby ventured into organizing events for local colleges. Serving students to and from Los Angeles and Orange County’s hottest nightclubs. 

Originally known as The Hollywood Party Bus, the students began referring to  themselves as the “The Party Bus Group” upon arrival to each event – and it quickly caught on. 

But Swaby’s ambition didn’t stop there, and this meant he needed a sustainable business plan. I want to connect people to what’s important through friendly, safe, reliable, luxury ground transportation…, he shared. 

Today, PBG boasts a lineup of the most enviable fleet of party buses anywhere in the United States.It was crucial to ensure that our business model ticked all the boxes, especially in the highly competitive entertainment transportation industry,Swaby further revealed.

And not to mention, PBG’s media coverage has been nothing short of star-studded, with appearances on the YouTube Streamy Awards and Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules.

Swaby’s keen eye for Southern California’s high-profile clientele is evident, with PBG recently hosting Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West’s 10th birthday celebration.

Additionally, Swaby added a brand new venture to his expanding business portfolio with Elite Charter. Which offers luxury charter travel for both the corporate and public sectors. 

Looking ahead, Swaby and the Party Bus Group have their sights set on continued growth and delivering excellence for the new generation of travelers. 

From London’s West End to Hollywood’s glamorous scene, his remarkable journey serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs

Learn more about the remarkable award-winning services of Adam Swaby and his team at Party Bus Group or call (855) 500-7001.

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