Florida is Being Preferred More These Days for Bioluminescence Kayaking Trip

Florida bioluminescence water is a significant attraction point for visitors this year. During the day time, a large number of adventurers are visiting to explore the kayaking trip in the Orlando, Cocoa Beach area. They are also enjoying Sunshine State’s green jungle-like waterways because paddling at night is much more beautiful. We usually hear the word Bioluminescence in Florida water. But it is technically a microscopic bacteria that is creating the magic of this fascinating phenomena. Bioluminescence is occurring here because of dinoflagellate plankton which emits an electric blue light as adventurers are paddling gently in the water.

During the summer season, people are experiencing the plankton shine super bright. They are observing it better in a clear kayak where they can see it through the bottom. Watching the glowing water flow below you is attracting a large number of tourists in Florida beach areas. To experience this natural phenomenon, tourists are preferring to start their tour from the beautiful Merrit Island Wildlife Refuge. They are also enjoying a long exposure photography skills because it is clear enough that someone can even see the Milkyway.

Florida Bioluminescence season is now at a peak level. July to October is the popular time frame when tourists come here to explore the natural beauty. This year a great increase in tourists’ number is being experienced by kayak rentals and guides. They are offering an average 90-minute trip length at $50 per person.

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