Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi Champions External Counterpulsation Treatment as a Boon for Heart Patients Worldwide

Each year, over 523 million people from all over the world suffer from cardiovascular diseases, but the more pressing problem is that most of them have no idea that they even have it. 70% of these cases do not show any symptoms and indications of heart disease, and when left unchecked, there is a high chance of a heart attack, stroke, and the possibility of undergoing emergency angioplasty or bypass surgery. 

Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi stands at the forefront of the medical industry, vowing to eradicate cardiovascular diseases by preventing heart attacks and reversing heart disease through non-invasive, cost-effective treatments.

Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi is India’s first woman preventive cardiologist and founder of the Institute of Preventive Cardiology (IPC). She founded the institute in 1999 in Mumbai and pioneered the concept of preventive and non-invasive cardiology. Her work was greatly applauded by the late President Dr. Kalam, and she was awarded by India’s Finance Minister as the Best Woman Entrepreneur in 2006, making her India’s first female doctor to have ever received the honor.

The IPC is India’s pioneering evidence-based chain of Preventive Cardiac Care standing at the frontlines in the fight against cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi is also a founding member of the External Counterpulsation (EECP) expert committee in India in association with the international EECP registry at Pittsburgh, USA. With Dr. Gandhi at the helm, the IPC center has managed to treat over 100,000 cases, which also involves international patients with an overall success rate of 95%.

Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi has also been an investor and business mentor to various health care companies. She has successfully expanded businesses globally by launching new and innovative products and devices within the preventive healthcare industry. She is a woman of many skills and talents, more than an entrepreneur and an esteemed doctor in the medical field. She is also a renowned international speaker and an award-winning author publishing thousands of articles and creating several health shows on TV channels.

Her wide and diverse platform has enabled Dr. Gandhi to spread her positive message to the world, helping more and more people learn about heart care prevention on a global scale. As a woman of her caliber, Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi has garnered many accolades for her work in the field of medicine. She is a recipient of the 2016 President’s Volunteer Service Award for her outstanding support to GuardaHeart toward improving heart health and saving lives.

In 2016, the International Association of Cardiologists in New York, USA, recognized her as The Leading Physician of the World. She was also recently awarded as one of the Top 50 Global Woman Healthcare Leaders in March 2017. 

In the USA, External Counterpulsation is USFDA approved for the treatment of heart patients after bypass surgeries and angioplasties. Dr. Gandhi’s team in IPC Heartcare has been the first to globally perform research on heart patients not opting for open-heart surgeries and undergoing ECP Therapy, creating substantial evidence of its safety and efficacy.

Overall, Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi and her team are leading the charge toward providing ECP services for heart patients worldwide. She is constantly finding natural and non-invasive solutions to control heart problems among patients worldwide, and she won’t be stopping until cardiovascular diseases are totally eradicated. She has made it her mission to do so.

To know more about EECP services and which service is right for you, make sure to check out Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi’s official website.

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