This Cyber Security Honcho turns Serial Entrepreneur

Lovejot Singh Chhabra is a Business Major and Top Cyber security expert in India on charts and significant number of clients here in California. His Debut venture cyber defence intelligence consulting turned out to be the best cyber security company in india in no time with referrals and recommendations from Microsoft, Indian army signals, mediafire, Information warfare air force and many others. Despite having a well  settled business he continued to be a side-hustler.

Mr. Chhabra is active contributor in the startup world and helping various startups in the region. Born on April 30 1994, in the region of Talwara, Punjab, India, he is one of the most seen expert keynote speaker on various entrepreneurship and cyber security conferences in the region. He really knows the science of engagement and through his interactive inspirational talks (he nails his talks). He inspired thousands so far through his tech-entrepreneur talks mostly driven by his endless curiosity. Without signal warnings, things would fizz and explode, making the audience chant, “best talk ever!” During his high-energy cyber security talk.

After graduating from Panjab University, Chandigarh, in the year 2017 he initiated a coordinated campaign to improve national information security awareness index which according to him is “a matter of national security” and extremely important to reduce cyber crimes in a country. Putting dedication on new high’s he is building multiple businesses one after the another. We asked some quick questions to him to get better insights into his serial entrepreneurial phase and of course his subtle art of ethical hacking.

What is the most serious challenge you faced ?

“Skilled manpower”. All traditional corporate methods of hiring skilled people didn’t really work in our case, probably because of the unique elite and out of the box skills required to get hired. After 2017  many colleges and universities throughout the world started with different hacking courses but they are not able to prepare students as per cyber security industry standards. 2014-2017 was tough in terms of finding skilled people in cyber security.

So what exactly did you do to manage that challenge ?

We recently had the acquisition of  a training institute that will fulfill the HR needs of our company by training the beginners and making them deemed fit to get HIRED! . I can’t say again that we are the best ethical hacking institute in India but yes I am ambitious about this venture and surely make it worth of my time . . Educating and delivering awareness became a hobby to me and it felt great to enlighten society.

What is the scope of ethical hacking in India ?

Genuinely a lot of space is still there in the industry to accommodate a lot of ethical hackers but the real problem is we have so many self claimed ethical hackers around us, too many of them indeed! Which means they think they are employable but actually they aren’t considering the gap between the knowledge they acquired and the kind of knowledge the industry requires.

How to learn ethical hacking in India ?

If you ask about the formal education system, Yes recently 2017 onwards many private universities started providing education in cyber security but unfortunately most of them are for the name sake or business sake with such courses having higher fee structures . Moreover, it’s rare to see any exceptional cyber security teacher providing classes in universities. The same Java professor or C++ professor is teaching cyber security.

How to pursue ethical hacking in India ?

Practically saying there are a lot of further subjects and fields inside ethical hacking so one can’t be the jack of all but yes beginners should do all subjects once and according to personal interest he/she can further choose a particular dimension as a career.

What other business do you owe ?

I recently developed my hobby of premium domain names trading and slowly it is turning out a good business brand value for me.At present I hold stake in  2000+ domains . Web development company, Digital marketing business, Indian institute of ethical hacking, CSEH, IIDM, HND media are some of names In my bucket.

Mr Chhabra believes that the company is going to have a great year when it comes to growth in 2020. This could also be a year of reckoning for the entire company group.Thank you very much Mr Singh for your time. Our readers would love to contact you and hope you won’t mind if we share some of your social handles.

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