Amer Safaee: An unlikely success story from Afghanistan

Raised in one of the world’s poorest countries, Amer Safaee, originally from Daykundi, Afghanistan has become a successful and recognized entrepreneur.

Coming from a poor family, Safaee started his career without financial support, but hardship led him to find his faith and determination to do what few could – become a successful entrepreneur and travel the world.

It was with that ambition that Safaee was able to enrol in university and graduated with a Bachelors degree in IT and Technology. With the knowledge he acquired, he was quickly making his next move and looking outward as he set his sights on entrepreneurship and growing a business.

After doing his Masters and getting his MBA, Safaee setup Bama Group, a specialist IT company that helps businesses protect their data. The success of his company has led him to expand in more than 5 countries including Turkey, Tajikistan, UAE, the United Kingdom and Germany.

From humble beginnings, the entrepreneur now travels the world from Dubai to London, and invests in multiple industries including beauty and fashion – and is an avid luxury car enthusiast. Living between Dubai, London and Istanbul, Safaee has attained a level of success within his personal life that few from his country have been able to achieve.

And for Afghanistan, a country that has faced long hardship and subsequent wars for the last several decades, Safaee’s example can inspire the many young minds that have often looked outward to see what they can achieve in their lives.

For Amer Safaee, his success comes from taking calculated risks and having the determination to believe in one’s own choices and direction.

Speaking with California Herald, Safaee said: “Even from having zero financial support, you can be successful in life, and what I achieved is an example. You just you need decide and start.”

For entrepreneurs, Safaee speaks from a mindset that enables him to go further, even when the odds are stacked up against him.

But it’s not just about the work. Safaee also encourages entrepreneurs to take time out, and to enjoy life with a good work-life balance: “To be a successful person, it does not always mean you have to work a lot and think only about building the career. It also means to be able to relax and have a good time when you need it.”

Regardless of where you come from, Safaee’s example is proof that anything in life is possible, and that with determination and some calculated risks, you can achieve the impossible.

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