Achieving Weight Loss Goals with xNARA: A Personalized Supplement Approach

Millions of Americans are counting on dietary supplements to achieve weight loss, increase energy levels, and meet their overall health goals. In fact, Grand Views Research reports that the United States saw a $20.5 billion market for nutritional supplements in 2021. This total sounds high, but it makes sense with more than a third of American children and more than half of American adults taking one or more dietary supplements. 

The public has bought into the lofty claims made by the manufacturers of these supplements, but unfortunately, they do not see the promised results. According to xNARA, there is a simple reason supplements fall short of expectations, and the medical establishment’s “century-old, one-size-fits-all” approach is to blame. 

“As individuals, we are all unique, and each of us has our own specific health needs,” observes Dr. Rafi Ahmad, Chief R&D Officer at xNARA. “While we share many characteristics in common, we have thousands of variations in our genetic makeup, diet, environment, and lifestyle. The end result is that we are built quite differently. This is the reason that one pill cannot address everyone’s health needs. Here at xNARA, we take a comprehensive look at your health by administering a nutrition quiz, DNA analysis, and gut profile. Armed with that analysis, we create a supplement just for you. It is a formula designed specifically to address the unique combination of genetic and microbial imbalances that pose the greatest threat to your health.”

Introducing a revolutionary individualized health supplement  

For over a century, medicine has attempted to combat the enormous variety of patient health requirements and wellness objectives with standard protocols and mass-produced drugs. To alter this strategy, xNARA released a game-changing supplement in 2020.

The xNARA team invested 324,000 hours in R&D to create supplements that could meet the individualized requirements of each and every customer. What’s more, xNARA’s nutraceuticals employ only treatments proven successful through time-honored scientific research.

To make this happen, xNARA worked with top researchers from prestigious universities like Harvard and Johns Hopkins for three years. Because of the company’s commitment to scientific accuracy, they have gained the support of prominent experts in their field. Today, this rapidly growing startup works out of branches in Singapore, Dubai, and Austin.

A unique set of physiological deficiencies, hereditary health risks, environmental influences, and self-defined health goals gives each person a health profile as unique as a fingerprint. The company considers people’s biology, lifestyle habits, and overall health to provide individualized nutritional requirements that meet their specific needs. 

To tailor the exact supplement that every customer needs, xNARA has produced a line of supplements known as Complements, allowing them to customize every regimen to each specific customer. 

First, xNARA obtains each person’s highly specific individual markers from a series of assessments, then uses that information to build a customized formula containing the exact dose of nutrients he or she needs to become healthier. This personalized formula is selected from a database of over 125 different nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, prebiotics, bioactive compounds, and herbal extracts. 

Finding your own unique recipe for health

Finding the precise formula that meets individuals’ unique health needs requires three simple steps. Users of xNARA first take an online health assessment to provide information about their health status, lifestyle routines, wellness priorities, and genetic makeup. Based on this data, xNARA can create a supplement formula tailored to each individual’s needs.

Next, customers of xNARA can undergo a DNA test and gut profile to further customize their experience. By analyzing a user’s metabolic profile, xNARA can tailor supplements to the individual’s unique absorption rate. Furthermore, xNARA can adapt the ingredients to each individual’s genetic health risks by using data on their genetic predisposition.

In a matter of days, customers can expect to receive their personalized supplement powder sachets, good for 30 servings. All that’s left to do is mix the flavored probiotics and nutraceutical sachets into cold water.

Finding the nutritional supplement that will meet individual health requirements has never been quicker or easier. As Dr. Ahmad explains, “If you want to skip the hassle of purchasing and trying multiple supplements for multiple health concerns, this is the supplement for you.”

When customers order Complements from xNARA, they not only receive tailor-made supplements, but also their own health reports and a dashboard to track their progress. The user’s dashboard displays the formula developed for them, the superfoods that hold the most benefits, and the foods that they would do best to avoid. Customers can also obtain their own individualized workout plans.

Creating personalized Complements from a pool of 125 potent ingredients  

Each regimen of Complements xNARA creates only includes ingredients that have successfully treated health issues in clinical trials. For example, if a user’s tests reveal skin problems, the supplement will contain the antioxidant SkinAx2TM. Clinical studies have shown that this substance can enhance the skin’s natural glow, color, and firmness, while also diminishing flaws.

Essentially, xNARA offers each customer the exact ingredients he or she needs. Some of the 125 vitamins and minerals that appear in personalized formulas are clinically proven to boost cognitive function, sleep quality, and energy levels. Other specific ingredients are proven to mitigate anxiety, depression, and hair loss.

“The potential number of personalized formulas is virtually limitless,” Dr. Ahmad says. “If we supply one billion distinct consumers, then we will be making one billion different supplements. We are able to rise above the rest because of our emphasis on customization.”  

The company only uses the highest quality, most reliable ingredients available. The supplements are free of allergens, preservatives, and GMOs. They are vegan and backed by both GMP and HACCP accreditation.

The response from customers has been outstanding so far. This year, xNARA surveyed over 24,000 customers and found that nearly all (98%) prefer their individualized Complements formula over the conventional supplements they have tried before. Additionally, 88% of the survey respondents say they’ve noticed improvements in their health in at least one area, and 86% say they’ve seen improvements in two or more areas.

“Our Complements line of supplements offer the custom approach and clinically proven ingredients that revolutionize the world of dietary supplements,” Dr. Ahmad concludes. “Step into the future of medicine and explore the new age of personalized health.”

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