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Zhong enters into partnership with The Bang brand




Online celebrity and content creator, Zhong, reportedly signs an endorsement deal with the Bang Brand

With more than 3.8 million followers on Instagram and videos averaging more than 900 thousand views, Zhong is arguably one of the biggest names on the internet. His increasing popularity on the internet, particularly YouTube and Instagram, has attracted the attention of several companies across different industries. Zhong has been reported to be in a partnership with the innovative Bang Brand, with his videos seemingly substantiating the claim.

Over the years, several online celebrities have treated their fans across the world to captivating content. Often times, online celebrities otherwise known as internet influencers lack the diversity and versatility to capture the hearts of different categories of users of the internet. The likes of Zhong are however changing this narrative by creating content to merry the diverse needs and preferences of their millions of fans and followers. Consequently, these content creators have disrupted the industry, giving relatively experienced social media influencers a run for their money. This has also led to a somewhat shift in the attention of brands to the innovative, creative content creators.

Therefore, it did not surprise many that Zhong became a notable figure in the world of social media influencing, especially as his prank videos got an amazing reception from Millions of social media users worldwide. Zhong has shown his versatility and creativity, making funny videos from some of the most unimaginable situations. His works have not gone unnoticed by brands worldwide, entering into a partnership with other innovative brands, and partnering with creative minds, including content creators from different parts of the world.

Zhong recently partnered with The Bang Brand, an innovative consumer products company that offers energy drinks, pre-workout solutions, and fitness gears. Zhong has continuously tagged the brand in his videos as he looks to promote their products and help them reach their target audience.


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