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Zeinab Mehdi Poor shares her journey as an influencer, has an advice for the youth




Social media never sleeps and people from every nuke and corner of the world are hooked to the internet. Influencers in general, play a pivotal role in shaping up the opinions of the public. One such name is Zeinab Mehdi Poor who has made a name for herself as a social media influencer. The woman who has her educational background in finance completed her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Ahwaz University of Applied Sciences. Besides, she has even done a diploma course in graphics from the Masjed Soleyman Azad University.

Right after her studies, Zeinab worked an accounting firm to later start her own firm. The influencer cum entrepreneur later started her firm in Masjed Soleyman. Her company is specialized in providing detailed reports, financial interpretations, value-added services and other financial services. Besides her business, she explored social media and spent most of her time to get clients from different platforms. Gradually, the entrepreneur skilled herself in it and started her journey as an influencer.

As of today, she has got more than 300K followers and her beautiful Instagram feed is all about travel, lifestyle and exotic cars. From having a financial crisis at the initial stage of launching the company to becoming a wealthy capitalist, Zeinab has now come a long way. Married to an influencer, Milad Hatamabadi, the couple is pure goals. They are blessed with a baby girl named Tala who has given a cameo in their posts on multiple occasions.

Zeinab and Milad even have their joint venture of an online game website which has several games like online poker, football betting prediction scores and many other games. Apart from the couple is also keen to invest in many other businesses. Giving a final piece of advice to the youth, Zeinab Mehdi Poor said, “Set your goal. Work hard towards it and don’t give up on it. Love your job and be ready to give more time than your usual working hours. Stay focused and experiment with different techniques to fulfil your desires.” Well, her work ethic truly proves her versatility and this talented woman seems unstoppable. To know more, check her Instagram page, ‘@sahar’.

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