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Youssef Amir uses his “offensive” tactics to overcome obstacles




Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, Youssef Amir, attributes the focus on his strengths as his overcoming technique

Youssef Amir is a personal trainer and massage therapist that has become increasingly popular in recent times, thanks to his unique fitness training approach. As a teenager, he constantly dealt with criticism from his granddad for his poor osture. This was the push he needed to enroll at a gym, a decision that eventually took him to the path of fitness training.

Growing up, Youssef battled self-doubts, and the feeling of not being good enough. “I used to get in my own way of achieving what I wanted to achieve. I was constantly finding myself in a vicious cycle of doubting myself, comparing myself to others, and trying to perfect my work. These are very unhealthy characteristics that I had to get out of in order to breathe and move forward and onward. I had a lot of work to do to get from where I was to where I am right now,” said Youssef Amir.

The young Youssef was somehow able to navigate the obstacles and eventually made a name for himself in the fitness industry. Thanks to the contributions of Mostafa, his first coach, Youssef, grew to become a better adult. While at the gym, Youssef learned the ins and outs of training. More importantly, his eyes were opened to the parallels of fitness and life. Youssef also learned the principles of hard work, setting goals, making sacrifices, and building sweat equity.

A huge part of overcoming these obstacles was by betting on my strengths, not my weaknesses. The way I look at it is this…by betting on your weaknesses, it’s like you’re playing defensive while betting on your strengths is playing offensive,” said Youssef Amir. “Once I was able to clearly know what my strengths were, I went all in and tried to even get better at them. That helped me build more confidence and get me out of doubt mindset,” Youssef continued.

According to him, focusing on his strength helped to erase the inferiority complex that led him to self-comparison. He also got busier at building his training business and his presence on social media. “Comparing yourself to others is very time and energy-consuming. It could be better spent at working towards your goals,” Youssef said.

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