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Young Entrepreneur Net Kohen is offering best products & services through NXTGEN




Netanel, popularly known by the name Net Kohen, is a 20 years old young entrepreneur is the founder of NXTGEN, a successful technology company. Net started at the age of 13 to get involved in the world of technology and started generating good income through it.

The kind of passion and vision, Net exudes for his work is both inspiring as well as solution creating for the associated people. He has been saying since long that if the solution one generates is effective, people will pay any kind of money to get it.


At 16, Net Kohen founded NXTGEN with the same vision. Net has worked day and night to make his dream into reality once he got the idea of the app clear in his mind. He relentlessly put a developers team in place to work under his direction to launch their company’s 1st application.

Today, NXTGEN creates world-class applications and offers other services like marketing and public relations to customers. They offer image management services.

Belief System

Net believes that as soon as one sees an opportunity to grow and improve a business it must be pursued whole heartedly. The actions will generate results or serve as a learning curve. So one needs to keep trying new and better strategies.
Through his company, Net is offering brilliant products and services to the world at such a young age since the last 5 years.

The business acumen of the young man has made him deal with complex situations and become better with time. He believes in his ability to innovate, grow and take advantage of all the opportunities the market throws at him.

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