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Young and influential entrepreneur Mahir Khetwani benefits from frugal experiments




Entrepreneurs, however big or small need to keep adapting new methods to compete in the market. While some stick to the old school
methodologies, many prefer to experiment and play with the ideas that help in the longer run.

Experimenting economically can be a crucial task, but if done wisely can turn out in favour of the organization in multiple ways. Mahir Khetwani, a Mumbai based entrepreneur who is at present leading a construction business is one of the few business personalities who believe in frugal experiments. Mahir took over his dad’s business a couple of years ago and ever since then, this enthusiast entrepreneur has been implementing various modern techniques to cope up with the current market demands.

Over the past few years, Mahir has gained wide expertise in handling multiple businesses. He took a leap of faith and started making optimum utilization of financial resources independently. He not only invested them in the right place but also used it to expand the business at various levels. After trying his hands on these experiments, Mahir started seeing success and soon benefited with good returns. He says, “What’s life without a few risks. If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. I always try to look out for positive changes in my personal and professional life. It does help a lot. With business, I believe to take risks to taste success. It can be bitter at times but surely does help in developing an experienced taste”.

At present, Mahir Khetwani is the director of a construction entity named Rosa Group started by his family. Mahir is not just known for his entrepreneurial skills but also has immense knowledge about the history of filmmaking. He hails from a background that is closely associated with the entertainment industry which is why he is soon planning to try his luck as a filmmaker soon.

In addition to his excellent work profile, This gen-next persona is an automobile enthusiast. He is a proud owner of Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe and other luxury vehicles like S class, 7 series, and Q7.

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